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ha! It's always cool to se this thread revived every now and again!!

Why are there no pictures?

Because I am a terrible photographer! (sheepish grin!)

Ok...I admit it is really hard to take pictures of these things because for most of the sets,I use the shiny glass, and it reflects like crazy!!! is one photo with flash...and one without.

Some show up better in the first one...and some have better detail in the second.

oh well.
(and I took about 25 photos too...these were the best! Yipes!)
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Wow Chronata, I've just gone over this whole thread and it has been interesting and exciting, I have never counted crows!!! I have so many that live near by and that hang out in the tall gums on my property I've always watched and wondered about them but have never counted them!! Guess who starts counting as of today I have just looked at your pictures and they look like so much fun, especially for kids, I have 3 daughters but at this stage I think they would only be suitable for 2 of them, as my youngest girl is only 3 I was just wondering if you would be willing to send a set to Australia?

guess what I can hear right now?.....cawing!!
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Talking Wow!

Hi Chronata,

Those are beautiful! I love the way you mixed the colors like that. The contrast of light and dark, yet still bold and beautiful pictures gives them a clear image that is easier on the eyes. You are most certainly a painterly individual!

I have been an artist myself for years, and I mean what I say. I love to encounter and experience good artwork. You have a gift for doing what you do. I am not at all familiar with this divination technique, but I love what you've done here!


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Pictures, Pictures!! Love them.
Do you sale these sets too? I would love to buy one of them.

Thanks for taking the pictures. I know what you mean about the flash.
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6 Haunted Days 

I am glad someone revived this older thread. I just adore these! And the rhyme, how creative and wonderful. I am going to use this method for sure.

Those stones are gorgeous! You don't actually sell those do you? (you should!)
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Thanks everyone!!!

I appreciate that you all like them! I have not sold any of these sets that I have made...usually because I feel this is a divination that can be free!(I have traded sets in the past for cool crystals, and wool, and local products)

...anyone...especially kids... can make a set by just writing the numbers on rocks or small pieces of paper...or what have you!

I have made these sets in polymer clay, and real tumbled gemstones too...but I like the way the irredecent glass stones look with the glass paint on them...and they are pretty durable too!

Here are the designs I used...if anyone wants to make their own!...

one.message...a letter
two.mirth...a smiling face
three.marriage...a wedding cup or chalice egg that is cracked open!
five.riches...a big pile of gold coins and jewels
six.thief...a black mask
seven.journey...a ship
eight.grief...a tree in winter
nine.secret...a lock and key
ten.sorrow...a sad face heart tomorrow...a rainbow
thirteen.bad luck...a black cat
fourteen.danger...a stop sign
fifteen.changed luck...a horseshoe and a 4 leaf clover
sixteen.stranger...a hat and a question mark
seventeen.adventure...a dragon new...a heart with wings
nineteen.fame honor...a shining star .
twenty.wish come true...a wrapped gift

I usually sell hand painted stones that are similar...but they have inspiring words or messages, with painted symbols on them instead.
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This is great, Chronata! Thanks for sharing this wonderful craft. Crows are my thing --I just saw the thread today.
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With the WATTS conference in two weeks, and me with a big dealer table...

I finally decided to take the plunge...and make sets for sale!

I made tiny little ones, because I think they look so much better when thay are all small and shiny!

But of course...I realized that selling them...I needed some kind of booklet.

So I am setting out on making a 12 page lwb, and I am wondering what info people would be looking for in a set like this?

I have a lot of pages to besides the intro to augury, crows and divining...and the poem (of course) I was thinking of longer divinatory meanings...
and maybe a spread or two?

Possibly something easy and general!

I am also considering putting in all the other source material...the many different versions of the crow counting rhyme that I have discovered over the years...from folk tales, superstitions and even a planting harvest rhyme or two...

what do you guys think?

and can anyone suggest a spread that might be good?
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Love your crowstones! I've worked with them a bit for while now... occasionally pulling a stone or two or

I think you're on the right track as far what you've got planned so far... and definately include the source materials...

I think it would be especially great for expanded divinatory meanings for each of the stones, as I've found that the little I've worked with them that the simple titles are just the tip of the iceberg as to what the stone may actually mean.... especially in combinations...

perhaps you could expand upon the idea of combinations if you're looking to flesh things out... maybe a page or two of stone combinations the situations that they represent...

as for a spread... something sorta in the theme of crows might be nice... perhaps something in the shape of a crow's foot/print?? I'd say keep it simple.. no more than 5 positions...

hopefully my suggestions have helped! best of luck at the show... if you have any kits left, lemme know!! I've love to buy a couple! thanks!

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Where the heck you been, Joey? Haven't heard your two cents in quite a while!

Chronata, anyone buying these is likely to have some background in divination, at least tarot. I'd say no need to get too worked up about the LWB....these are ART! And if someone can't get the gist of "letter" or "bad luck"....a few extra lines in the lwb isn't going to save their butt! What I like about them is the CROW aspect, so more about the CROWS sounds great to me!
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