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Crystal Tarot - Emperor

Hi everyone,

I have taken parts of this from my 78 week study. Heres the thread if you would like to know what thats about.

I thought I would post it here in case anyone would like to add their thoughts and of course because not all of you will be reading that thread.

He sits on his throne, in profile, looking towards his Empress. The seat is square, showing his love of order, solid and stable. His kingdom has been constructed. He wears a vivid red cloak representing his material world. His foot peeks out from under his clothes, signifying his groundedness. The interesting part of this card is the background which looks like a bright green mound with a tree in blossom in it. I think this represent the Earth as we know it. This part of the card is blurred. My thinking is that the Emperor rules in his real world, where the image is clearly defined. He likes definition, clarity and structure. The natural world and its laws are not his concern. He cannot rule over the natural world, he cannot manipulate it. They just exist side by side. Does the blurring represent his boundary. The Emperor generally loves boundaries.

I see the purple strip behind him as a drape/curtain. The Emperor is looking out of a huge window! His hebrew attribution is heh meaning 'window'. Is he looking at the natural world, a world he cannot control? Or maybe he just understands nature and has a good idea of what he can and cannot control. He accepts that the laws of nature cannot be changed. In my meditation I saw him as a person who puts things in little boxes, he even sits in a little box, looking out. His boundaries are set.

Please feel free to add to this.

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Hi Jewel-ry,

He is sitting in relaxed posture on his throne decorated with an eagle. His sceptor is held relaxed, as are his shoulders, a bit rounded. He looks to be in meditation. Facing forward, but not aggressively. To me, he is a just and benevolent type of ruler, not overly concerned with power.

Jewel-ry, I like your comment about the tree. To me this Emporer being less concerned with "outside" world and is more focussed on the world within.

The pattern on the purple strip at his head gave me the impression of mental activity, even tho the pattern doesn't represent that exactly.
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