Druid Animal Oracle Study Group-Air Dragon

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Druid Animal Oracle Study Group-Air Dragon

This may be an outrageous and back to front way of studying a card, and possibly not even allowable, but I think it deserves writing up. I have been doing a “daily draw” of five cards from different decks to investigate how they relate to each other, explain each other and combine to give an overall message. After seeing today’s cards forming a consistent concept, and considering using the Druid Animal Oracle for a monthly study group next month, I wondered whether it might contain a card that expressed this idea. So, feeling wildly optimistic, I drew a card - the Air Dragon which I have put in the centre of the pentagram formed by the other cards in the attached image.

In the order I drew the cards:

Saturn’s Great White Spot is made of fresh white crystals formed by ammonia gas rising through old, dirty clouds. The analogy is therefore to a new inspiration clearing the confusion of old ideas.

Copernicium shows the astronomer Copernicus who overturned the previous world view by suggesting the Earth actually went around the Sun.

Gray on a closer look shows a statue of Buddha covered in squares of gold leaf, and has thus been processed to remove the colour. The phrases on this deck are too narrowly health related and the more general meaning I see in it is careful logical and intellectual examination, free of emotion. The Buddha also put forward a new world view in a similar way to Copernicus.

Bacteria break down old, dead organic matter, recycling it into new soil from which fresh life can grow, thus giving the keyword of Sustainability.

Four of Crystals looks rather like the Bacteria card and sums up the message of the preceding cards with the keyword of Logic.

The overall message is therefore one of logical, intellectual analysis breaking down old, unhelpful ideas and preconceptions so allowing a flash of inspiration to bring a new and more enlightened way of looking at things.

Turning to the Air Dragon card itself, the book gives the meanings of - Inspiration, insight, vitality, clarity, sudden flashes of illumination. Hmmm…
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