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Being enabled by Tarot apps!!

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I have the Tarot Illuminati app and after using it for a few weeks decided to buy the tarot deck set and the extra book that goes with it. I knew from the app exactly what the deck was going to be like, very busy, very colourful but I like it as much as I did the app. Taking a bit of a break from tarot at the minute though but I was getting on well with this deck.
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Pam O 

I did not expect to find myself buying apps because I spend SO much time working on the computer with my publishing business and I love the experience of my paper decks...
... but I read here at AT how Shadows capes was awesome and gorgeous enlarged. I have dreamed of Shadowscapes in an oversized art deck version, so I bought my 1st app.

Now I am hooked.
Getting that first app, Shadowscapes Tarot by Fool's Dog got me hooked. Even though I own almost all these decks in paper form, I proceeded to be "enabled" to buy most of their apps since they are SUPER affordable at $3.99 or less.
(My Android phone screen size is small, so I bought the iOS apps for my iPad's larger screen.) I was also "enabled" to buy a 2+ paper decks that I bought first as an a Fool's Dog app.

I did get the Android version of the free Fool's Dog samplers for times I am waiting for an appointment with only my phone. Fool's Dog samplers are SUPER cool. I really enjoy the different deck cards coming up in one reading. It adds great spice to the interpretation!

I also did buy a Galaxy app that I like, plus the CBD TdM app on Android because an iOS version was not available. I was then "enabled" to buy the paper CBD deck as a result of buying the app.

Thanks to the app developers!
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Originally Posted by seven stars View Post
I would make apps for my decks if I knew how....
Originally Posted by Callanish View Post
That was why I added the "Tarot Deck Creator" feature to my own App ("Tarot & Numerology).
So Artists could do just that.

My App is limited to Apple iOS devices.
If you use Android then UniTarot will let you do the same.

There is a computer application called Orphalese Tarot Software that has been around since 2002. The programmer is always receptive to enhancement requests and has just released Version 10. I wrote a thread while the Beta was being tested. The thread contains a lot of information regarding the features of the program.

There is a trial version that is free can can be used for an unlimited time. When you register the software, you get access to a Deck/Spread and Card Notes exchange.

Not only can you scan and load your own Decks into this software program, but some Deck creators have provided their Decks for downloading and in fact, these include two Aeclectic Community Tarot Decks, Decks by F.J. Campos and also the Tarot of Dreams from Ciro Marchetti.

seven stars, I recommend you check out this software as you could easily use it for your own Decks.

Callanish, you should introduce yourself to the programmer......Orphalese is not yet available for Macs or phone apps. Maybe you could pool your resources and make the entire Tarot world smile.

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