Night Sun - The Empress

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Night Sun - The Empress

The Empress - Venus - Daleth

Here the Empress is clothed in the red dress that was barely visible underneath the dark brown clothing of the High Priestess. Her head is crowned with the thorns of the suit of Swords now that it is free of the veil of the High Priestess. A piece of the High Priestess's dress remains. She appears to be re-covering her left leg and on her lap is the broken egg. At her feet are plants and the remains of the High Priestess's cage. She holds a staff in her right hand and is gazing off expectantly with a smile to the right- to the person on the next card.

When I look at this card I do not see a nurturer. I see a bit of an awakening, a seduction, an expectancy of what is coming now that the egg has hatched.
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