The Night Sun Tarot - The Hierophant V

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The Night Sun Tarot - The Hierophant V

The Hierophant - Taurus - Vau

Vau is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet

The Hierophant sits on a chair adorned with two signs of Taurus. In some ways this card reminds me of Il Papa in the Soprafino patterns as both men have two fingers raised and hold the exact same staff. This Hierophant however looks evil about the eyes while the Soprafino's is a softer looking old man.

His mantle is adorned with the hexagram, a symbol not just important in Judaism but in other forms of spirituality, particularly in Eastern practices.

A person stands before the holding up intruments of the Freemasons. Another holds a dagger behind his back. That too reminds me of the evil looking man holding a cup of is probably poisoned wine on the Il Papa card.

The LWB is not much of a help with this card's symbolism.

Also it must be pointed out that his left hand is painted blue. I would love to know the symbolism of that.

This card is saying, what kind of ideals are important.
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