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Night Sun Tarot - Justice

Justice - Libra - Lamed or Lamedh

This deck has a male Justice. He is the archangel Michael with huge wings. His eyes are closed but above him is one big open eye. All around him too eyes of all sizes are open. Lamedh is the 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and sometimes is used to mean "righteous."

His scales are not empty. In one he balances a black disk and in the other a white disk. He is trying to balance them even though he cannot see them. But he still sees everything with the eyes all around him.

Archangel Michael's sword of justice appears to be attached to the front of his body. On the front of the sword is the gavel of the court. He is ready to mete out justice. With his sword he can cut through the imbalance and seek equity. His sword is perfectly balanced equally between both scales. This card makes one think about harmony, balance and equity.
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An explanation of the connection between the letter lamed and the righteous ones:

Hebrew letters have numeral meaning, and the lamed is 30. There is a belief that there are always 36 unrecognized righteous persons on this world (tzaddikim nistarim).

So these 36 people are unrecognized by the world but real tzaddikim (zeddek means justice - so they are doers of the just and right thing). Their number expressed in Hebrew letters is lamed-vav. Lamed is 30 and vav is 6. Together 36.

These hidden righteous persons are called "lamed-vavnikim" in Yiddish and also in everyday Hebrew. The 36 ones.

So the connection is not really based in the lamed itself but an association with the concept of the 36. As far as I'm aware at least.
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Very interesting. That puts the card into a different light now.
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