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i recently found volumes I, II, & IV of kaplan's encyclopedia of tarot at a local used bookstore, so i've been reading/flipping through that. i was quite happy to find them used! now to see if volume III will appear somewhere...
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Several copies here, starting at $29.95
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Originally Posted by bradford View Post
Several copies here, starting at $29.95
thanks! i'd rather find them locally so i don't have to pay for shipping. also the canadian dollar isn't great these days. i got the other 3 volumes for less than $30 canadian each (or about $23 USD), no shipping.

still, i may go this route just to complete my set. thank you
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Just finished Gail Fairchild's Choice Centered Tarot. i think the newer edition has a different name. i like her approach, and there is a lot of different stuff to think about.
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"Classic Tarot Spreads"

Okay, so I just got a copy of Sandor Konraad's "Classic Tarot Spread" (Whitford Press/ Schiffer Publishing, 1985), and I am simply over the Moon! I am so ecstatic because, based upon the title alone I expected that it would be little more than a compendium of tarot spreads, like Evelin Burger's and Johannes Fiebig's "Complete Book of Tarot Spreads".* But, it's not, thank goodness! It's much, much, MUCH more!!! It sets out a plan for learning the tarot in 30 days, but it also employs a system that may be used with Merseilles-style pip-cards (since I am a committed Indo-Europeanist as a freelance scholar, my mind becomes famished for patterns, particularly those that employ a competitive methodology!); though it can almost certainly be transferred to RWS clones, as well, though he cautions that RWS-style decks are a distraction to the true and accurate meanings of the cards. While this text does contain some tarot spreads--some that I am utterly unfamiliar with, since I have seen a LOT of spreads over the years--I was floored by some of the philosophical and brilliant, almost poetic, descriptions and insights of the Major Arcana. Since I am a Witch and I occasionally employ the Tarot in my Magick, these descriptions really inspired me to use The Moon card (I am also a Pisces) in a Witch Bottle Spell to protect a home or residence, with the Seven of Wands. I also learned something very interesting from this book that I haven't learned from another book, yet...an early name for the Strength/ Fortitude card was, "The Enchantress"! I really think that every Tarot Reader ought to add this gem of a book to their personal Library, though I worry that such a JUICY book suffers from a flawed and ill-suited title. I would particularly recommend it to other Merseilles-sty;e deck readers. Actually, I'm curious as to other books one would recommend for Merseilles-style readers to get the most out of their decks?

*For what it's worth, I would LOVE to see English translations of tarot books by European authors....I'm lookin' at you, Inner Traditions Press (they publish a lot of English translations)!
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I gave away Janina Renee's book Tarot Your Everyday Guide when I moved. It was one of my favorite books. Once I gave it away, then of course I couldn't live without it and had to order another one. I'm still working on Tarot Beyond the Basics, The Essential Lenormand and Cartomancy with the Lenormand and Tarot, too.

Tarot Beyond the Basics seems to be one that I don't absorb very readily.
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Tarot Beuond The Basics

Tarot beyond the basics by Anthony Louis.

When I got this book a couple of year ago, I just skimmed it through, and now I am reading in detail the parts where I find relevant to my current interest - Tarot and Astrology.

I find this book refreshingly well written, and can be used as reference or a textbook.
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Re-read the Wild Unknown book. it is subtle, but touches on some interesting ideas.
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Babalon Jones 

I'm starting to reread a book called "Colour and the Kabbalah" by Doreen and James Sturzaker, as a thread currently going on the Golden Dawn section of the forum made me remember I have it when someone was wondering if such a book existed, so I figured I'd revisit it for a time.
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I stalled a bit with Tarot 101 (not the book's fault!) so I decided to give Tarot for Yourself (Your Self?) a go and I'm enjoying it so far. Have skipped the bit that requires a full on astrological chart for the moment, I've got an astrology book on its way anyway (not particularly my thing but it's so often referenced in tarot, witchery etc that it seems worth having a decent reference on the shelf) so when that comes hopefully it'll cover how to do a basic chart...
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