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Just finished reading the companion book to Ellen Dugan's Witches Tarot (which is quickly becoming my second favorite deck) and started Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin's Around the Tarot in 78 Days. I'm hoping this book will give me a deeper yet also more practical understanding of the cards.
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Ix Chel 

Tarot Interactions from Deborah Lipp
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The Tarot and The Magus by Paul Hughes-Barlow

Wasnt too sure about this book when initially saw in Amazon, but decided to give a try. It turned out to be another good book. Quite different from other Tarot books I have seen in that it is discussing in microcosmic detail about card paring, counting under the OOTK spread in Thoth deck.

Yup, glad that I got this book.
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Tarot and The Path of Initiation by Henry Ho

I have ordered a few tarot and magick books recently, and this is one of them.
This book is about Thoth Tarot of A. Crowley. It also talks about religion, qabala, astrlogy and Thelema.

I feel it is written with chat type language, so it feels not academic at all, but easy to understand, and feel like reading someone talking on the online chat program. Maybe for the terse topics, it might be a strong point of the book.

But in many parts of the book, the author seems throw a lot of his own personal bold and polemic views and comments about religion, society, history, cultures and life, which could be subject to heavy criticisms and logical and factial clarification.

But for elaborating on the main topics, it seems ok, easy to see what he is trying to say, although the book seems trying to cover too many topics for the size. An ok book to add to Tarot library.
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Tarot for Your Self (Mary K Greer)

Decided I was stalling with Tarot 101 - not the book's fault, I'm sure I'll return to it in time - and got a copy of Tarot for Your Self. I'm not super interested in the astrological/Kaballah side of things, but the numerology I like, and overall I'm enjoying it so far, I really like the workbook format where I can just write my answers in the book as well as making notes, underlining etc. I'm happy enough to make notes and underline other "text books" that I own, but there's not usually space to answer questions/complete exercises, so for e.g. with Tarot 101 I had to keep the book, my journal, and pens handy and juggle them when getting ready to study a little, this is one less thing to manage which is good when you have fibro and are kinda clumsy...

Currently on the section where she discusses the meanings/associations of the four suits and their corresponding elements.
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Currently reading

Hi I am completely new to Tarot and am reading Dusty Whites easiest way to learn tarot ever.
I am half way through, and I must say I am enjoying the book so far. I will be starting the excersises soon, and am pondering on whether to do his on line course.
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I'm taking another look at "Tarot 101" by Kim Huggens. I bought it about a year ago, but I just didn't have the time to really follow it in-depth.
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Austin Coppock's book on the decans. It's astrology oriented, but relates to tarot too. I'm enjoying it so far
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Tarot For Yourself and 21 ways to read a Tarot by Mary Greer. So far I prefer Tarot for yourself.
I also have Tarot Plain and Simple.
Tarot 101 and Around The Tarot in 78 days are on my list of books to get.

Not sure about the Around The Tarot in 78 days as I am already journaling 1 tarot a day.
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Rachel Pollacks 78 degrees of wisdom.I love her take on the Major Arcana
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