Oracle of Visions Card 11

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Oracle of Visions: Card Eleven

Okay to say that the card is beautiful would be redundant I know but I really do like this one and it might be one of my favorites in the deck.

The image on the card is of a harlequin with a musical instrument and sheet music in his hands. As he plays there is a rainbow at the strings.

A ying-yang symbol is at the center of his hat with the points and bells at the end.

I had to really consider this card for the day until I really appreciated the meaning. It is a card about finding the harmony in life. It is about what we give and that. What we are willing to surrender, share of ourselves and to devote to others for the sake of harmony.

I was not a huge fan of this idea and I struggled with it but at work I understood. I can' t always have my way no matter how much I think that everyone should always agree with me.

Music was the key. The give and take of melody and harmony comes together to make a greater sum than the two parts separately. What a great idea to use the image of a musician for the Oracle card.

I like the idea of giving the cards names as well. I like to all this one "The Minstrel".

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Yes I agree this is a card of harmony and balance....I note though that card 17 is also about balance so in my mind I have to figure out how the two cards offer unique meanings...I'm sure they do...I just need to muse it some.

17 is about support/balance so perhaps it is more about being of help to others while not letting it overwhelm us....

while card 11 is harmony/balance which is about working in sync with others to achieve harmony. or perhaps to balance parts of ourselves

But back to Card 11....

The yin/yang symbol is on several cards. On this card I see this as suggesting we balance the different aspects of ourselves as be in harmony with who we are...allows us to be more "in tune" with others who are "singing".

Just as you said there are two parts of every song, just as there are two parts of us...(probably more) So the yin/yang might represent our feminine and masculine traits or shadow/light parts or any number of ways of looking at it. This card suggests we need to balance them in our lives. By doing so we are more in harmony with others as we sing the song of the universe!

We all know that "too much" of anything usually doesn't bode well. Sometimes you need "both parts" just to get your life balanced.

From Wikipedia:
Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, (for instance shadow cannot exist without light).

You mentioned that this was becoming your favorite card and as I picked up my deck..."Little Red Riding Hood" fell out...and you came to mind that its a card that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and I don't really know why.....Danger/Fear....seems a weird card to "like"
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