Medicine Card Crow Card 24

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Medicine Card Crow Card 24

Medicine Card – Crow – Card 24

Well, it’s been a while since I contributed to this study group, but since I had a visit from Crow recently, I wanted to share it with you all. The Crow is one of my totems, too, so I do like to pay special attention to any encounter with this bird. The visit especially stood out since it was my first direct encounter with Crow this year.

I first noticed these 2 crows when I heard the caws as I left my house, and started walking to my neighbor’s house. Of course I noticed them right away! They were perched on a high telephone wire ahead of me, and were looking at me, too.

I was visiting my neighbors because they had asked me to come over for support to help deal with a very difficult neighbor. Knowing that Crow is a great messenger, I was paying close attention to these 2 crows as I continued my walk. As I passed them, they flew off the wire high in the sky, rounded around in the air, and then flew over the *difficult * neighbor’s house! Hmm, that seriously caught my attention. So I took it as - this is a serious situation I will be hearing about, pay close attention, and also be careful. I felt that I was being forewarned!

All of those things did come to light during my meeting with the neighbors! There were also legal consequences that were being considered and managed, and we had a really open and honest conversation. What I tried to offer was another perspective, to help them consider taking the higher road, in the hopes that it would diffuse the gravity of the situation they were dealing with.

As I look back on that meeting, I can see that Crow medicine was at work, since some of it has to do with-

Law/Sacred law
Speaking your truth
Higher perspective

Have you had any experiences with Crow that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!
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