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Originally Posted by danieljuk View Post
decan enabled me seeing it in a reading and I am now interested in this oracle. I just wondered if people thought it gave good readings and if you can read the curious (that is the perfect word decan) artwork intuitively?

Is there one deck better or different of the oracle? I have been searching for it on ebay and other places.

well done RavenDarkWind for all the work you put in to the study group! It's going to be so useful if I do buy it and thanks to Padma for translating the French on that thread
It would be better if a professional reader with experience could speak about how this little Oracle works, about its strengths and weaknesses.
Well, concerning the art, yes, in some cards we don't see clearly what Edmond the mage sketched exactly, it's a bit confusing...

Sometimes the results are crystal clear and sometimes I have to recognize honestly that it lacks completely its target. It is a bit irregular or "capricious", it is what I meant when I said that it is a bit difficult to handle it at times, but this can be from me, I don't know
Because of the art, possibly, there can be a lack of nuances when we are reading it, it is probably the main problem.
But it depends on readers maybe. I think that many people love it in France, and myself I like it very much.
Actually my opinion is that this little Oracle isn't as easy as it sounds.

Probably a new version of this Oracle would be good; there is one with the Tarot d'Eltynne, however the art looks like a bit "manga" in some way, it is interesting but it is very very different from the original. Well, nothing is perfect in our sub-lunar world!
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