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I think it was my mind that was warped . . .

You are all encouraging me to try again. Thanks! After payday, I'll give it another shot!
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You should use a cutting machine. That way this can't happen. Good luck next time.
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OH yes it can - and once you have messed up with a trimmer - there is no way back. ALL my trimming disasters have been with a machine.

I just trimmed one with scissors, It looks really rather good. But I put a small nick in the Page Wands - and it looks good enough otherwise that I'm rather cross.

It also fits in the grey bag now ! Result !

Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Well at least if the bag is too small, it gives me a good excuse to get out the scissors
First person the trim the deck and get it to fit in the bag wins a prize?!
So - what do I get ?
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Is it just me who wishes they could just do cancer and not breast cancer? I had thought about this one but then there were the other issues too.
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iPad app?

Has anyone heard when the app will be available? The campaign said July 2015 but the campaign seems to have gone dark.
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