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Pet peeves

You have any pet peeves about the way people read tarot? Not trying to bash anyone here just some things that you see people do that kinda make you roll your eyes.
For me I'm not a fan of reversals, I honestly think that many dont read them correctly and its twists things that didnt need to be.
Something that gets me is when people automatically turn to money when they get a pentacles card! Money work money work! AHH! There is more depth to the cards than that!
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Pulling a "clarifier" card when you don't understand the cards you've already pulled. If you're confused by the 10 cards already on the table, one more card isn't going to fix that.

Snap a photo, write it down, go off and think about it- don't just keep pulling cards.
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I agree on the reversals. And when someone does a say, 10 card reading for me, and 9 out of 10 cards are reversed I just can't help but think that we're readig the spread upside down... LOL!

I also get annoyed by someone is a bit too "woo woo" and superstitious with their deck, and addresses it as if it was a person. "Oh this deck is a bit cheeky, for your question we can use the X deck instead, she is such a sweetheart!".

My biggest pet peeve doesn't have to do with the reading style, but with how well a reader can deal with feedback and constructive criticism. I once had a free reading from Biddy Tarot and since feedback is the payment I replied with what was very good in the reading and then mentioned what just didn't make sense to me and why. I got a really sour and snappy reply which just made me facepalm. If you don't want to learn why not just start an etsy shop and ignore feedback... UGH!
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Very directive readers.they say things like "you have to", & "you must" & try and tell m e how to run m y life by their ideas & standards. Kiss free will goodbye, just do what I tell you, seems to be their attitude.
It drives me nuts!
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One thing that makes my eyes roll is when a reader makes big, "spooky" claims about a tarot. For example, on eBay, I once saw an auction and the seller claimed the that the tarot deck was super old, owned by a gypsy or a witch who had died, and her spirit was now attached to the deck. It was full of warnings and disclaimers such as "I can't be responsible for what could happen". It was all very ominous (and laughable).

But I think my biggest pet peeve as a querent is when the reader puts the card down and slams her palm on the table and yells, "You see?". Then she just looks at me very seriously, shaking their head, and says, "You know exactly what to do." That has happened to me so many times.
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Clarifiers drive me nuts.

But what gets to me most is when the reader knows they are right, when they actually can't be, and insists on that in the face of everything to the contrary. I recall one where the reader was CERTAIN the sitter would become pregnant. This is REALLY not likely to happen to a 65 year old - but the reader was adamant, even when this was pointed out. It absolutely WAS going to be a LITERAL PREGNANCY (she tried suggesting projects and so on - no, it was BABIES.)

Pressed VERY hard, the reader allowed that it MIGHT mean an adoption - well, no, no chance.

Also like the ones where the reader (here) knows I am a guy (fair enough, it happens; that cat has a lot to answer for) - but then will not accept that I'm not. But it is a bit of a peeve as it renders the reading useless - if it starts that far off, even with a correction, how much of the rest do I take seriously ? A reader MUST be able to be flexible; and if there is actual factual evidence that they have misread something - they have to accept that..

As for the times people ask for your opinion about their reading and then dismiss it all with "no you're wrong, because" - if they know what it means - WHY ASK OTHERS and waste their time and effort ?

And finally (maybe !) "This card always means that". No it doesn't
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I agree with all of the peeves presented here (except reversals, as I do actually read with them). Clarifiers are annoying, as are bullheaded readers who are convinced that they know a querent's situation better than said querent and who refuse to accept a critique of the places where their readings are off-point.

I personally am also bothered by the belief that Tarot can (and should) predict anything and everything, up to and including literal pregnancy and death.
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Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! For me it's readers who are overly theatrical. When I read for someone I want to calm their nerves and get rid of any old stereotypes that they might have about tarot. I understand that sometimes sitters like or expect a little atmosphere when visiting a reader but I hate all this mysterious, occultist overacting (like getting over the top serious when someone draws the death card or insisting that someone crosses their palm with gold or silver).
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Le Fanu 

Way more infuriating than clarifiers for me are those readings (and instagram and facebook are positively awash with them) which are just a barrage of questions:

"how can you improve the world today? Do you have something you need to leave behind and move on? Is there anyone in your life that needs a bit of love? How might you show those you love how much you care? How many times might I need slapping today? What can you do to ensure that I shut up?"

And on and on they go. Just - yes - shut up and tell me things, don't keep turning things around. I have seen some readers who only do this.

*instant unfollow*

Those readers tell me nothing. Yes a question will come up sometimes, yes, we should be made to think but this way of reading screams "don't really know what to say"...
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Originally Posted by Chrystella View Post
...But I think my biggest pet peeve as a querent is when the reader puts the card down and slams her palm on the table and yells, "You see?". Then she just looks at me very seriously, shaking their head, and says, "You know exactly what to do." That has happened to me so many times.
REALLY? did you laugh in their faces?

I'm impatient with inflexible readers and over-theatrical, wildly anthropormorphizing readers, all as described here.
I don't like readers "clutching at clarifiers"
I like reversals - if one is puzzled by them, admit it and make suggestions as to what they may signify and see if these fit (or don't read them).

Prediction... well, one has to be extremely careful with that imo.

@ gregory - Oh My Goddess! - you mean... you're NOT a guy??? <falls off chair>
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