Oracle de Belline: Card 48: Fate

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Oracle de Belline: Card 48: Fate

French Name: Fatalité.

Number: 48.

Planet: Saturn.

Appearance: An old man wearing a red robe. In his right hand is a scythe. In his left hand is an upside-down torch.

Keywords: Inevitability, Endings, New beginnings.

Personal Notes: The man is only barely clothed, the red robe of vitality draped over his decrepit form. In spite of his age, he holds the scythe sternly, able to cut down the wheat before it rots on the stalks. Most sources identify the thing in his left hand as a whip, goading people onto the path of fate. However, I'm certain that it's an upside-down torch, carried by Thanatos, the Greek messenger of Death.
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