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Miss Apples thanks very much. I am adding this to my growing journal. I am sure this will be of great value to me. I am looking forward to trying the spread and getting to know my spirit guide.
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Miss_apples, this is a very nice spread you've given us.
I just added it to my journal as well, after getting very nice results trying it out with my Fey deck.
Thank you
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Yay! It works perfectly!

Thanks for the spread! I'm happy to report that it works extremely well. I met my guides a few years ago and needed something to confirm that they exist and not from the imagination. (Thanks to Hollywood, it's become so easy to brush off spirit experiences). It was very funny how the readings for the two came out.

Guide #1 was represented as King of Spades (aka King of Swords). How he saw me (card #3 position) was Jack of Spades, Reversed! My impression was he was saying, "My beloved disciple" and yet at the same time, it seemed like the card reminded me of some pretty bad faults of mine that I've been working to erase. My view: "Don't complain. You're a bad influence." Plus, he's an attention hog. He reminds me of Loki from the Norse myths minus Loki's dark side. ^_~

Guide #2 was represented as King of Clubs (aka King of Wands) and the final card reminded me of how we had met in this life. He's the cute, quiet guy whom everyone adores, but he is tough when needed. Plus he's around to make sure guide 1 and myself complete this life. Poor, poor guide 1.

Plus, I also know who has been knocking the cards out of my hand during my readings. It doesn't matter how I hold the cards or the cards' size. Guide 1 loves the Cauldron shuffle over the Asian shuffle (aka Hindu shuffle). Guide 2 doesn't care, but helped me keep the cards in hand while I was shuffling for reading #2 (Spirit guide 2's reading). Oh yeah, it took two tries to do guide 2's reading.... but that's a whole other story. ^_^

Basicly, this spread is also great for confirming the existence of the guide(s).

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Great spread!

Thanks for the great spread, miss_apples...in the past couple of months, I have really begun to develop spirtually and take interest in my spirit guides and how they help me! So this is a very timely spread to get to know them a little better-funny how it works out that way :-)
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Thanks for the spread. I've written it down in my journal.
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Contacting Spirit Guides Spread

----/5/ |4| \6\

1.) Do I have a spirit guide?
2.) How can I contact my spirit guide?
3.) Will I make contact with my spirit guide soon?
4.) Will we communicate mentally only?
5.) Have my spirit guide been with me always??
6.) Will my guide give me information about my work, home matters, and relationships?
7.) Can my guides teach me about other realities?
8.) Does my spirit guide appear in physical form?
9.) Final outcome?

This is a spread I found in one of my books. Hope you can use it.

~Mad Hatter~
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Oh my what an awesome spread. After having a most scary experiance last night with a spirit I thought it best to try and find out who the spirit was that contacted me and what they wanted me to know... Let us just say fear has turned and I feel much more calm after doing this spread and discovering some really interesting information out!

Thank you!!!
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This spread is awesome! Thanks.
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Believe it or not I tried it with my troth deck and it worked! I got the temperance (angel) as my spirit guide. and the issues were right on point. I think its because this is the only deck I've used for the past 1yr and a half so my cards are really attuned to me, maybe? But it I don't think a troth deck would work, I got lucky LOL
I just picked up an animal spirit deck today and I hope to try this spread soon
Thanks for sharing!
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Coolness miss_apples thanks for posting! I'll be trying this one soon!
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