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Congratulations, my friend!! Beautiful work!
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Originally Posted by Aster Breo View Post
I like the sound of the black borders. I bet it sets the bright colors off well. :-)
oh! It looks sparkling! here are some img for black and white borders aka Night and Light version!^^ lolz )

@flames tnx!^^ ))
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wow! absolutely beautiful deck!! I like the 2nd 'back' design with the lotus flower at the top and bottom. Gorgeous!
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oh! yeah!^^ thats now aka bright colors back!^^) and here is light version as well as black!^^)

btw I updated web with new img!^^ check it out!^^ XD ))

p.s black borders realy give it more serious profesional look!^^ lolz )
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Originally Posted by reall View Post
oh! yeah!^^ thats 1th now!^^) btw I updated web with new img!^^ check it out!^^ XD ))

p.s black borders realy give it more serious profesional look!^^ lolz )
yes, I have to agree with the black borders. it really makes the pictures pop! Your artwork is very, very lovely!
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he he! as you can see I finally discovered how to add img in post!^^ so I do that for some ol posts!^^ facepalm lolz )
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just a small update;
1. web get small redesign and update with new page info and previews on available versions of the decks see here

2. shop on PS is open!) YEY!^^ so please check it here

so last few days I was uploading all sorts of versions and options!)) so you can choose between different card sizes and number of cards in deck as well as card back design and borders!) so we have borderless, and black and white borders front and back options!)
Note all decks are marked with;
A with numbers and card insertions
B numbers only no card insertions
C clear image design no numbers and insertions!
and there is note about card back so be sure to read description and preview all before ordering!)

currently available sizes are poker and mini and number of cards is 36 and 54 for poker and 54 and 64 for mini!) /64 mini delux edition is my fav!^^ cuz fantastic price I couldn't ressist temptation and added extra cards/4reiki symbols for meditation 1title card and some preview cards for my upcoming Tarot!^^) facepalm so even if you don't need all these extra cards!^^) I highly recomend getting this/ if nothing to see that famous PS card stock!^^ so here is link please check it out and tell me what you think?)

Note all cards are with linen card stock!)/ if not say plastic! and all poker size cards are in white tuck box!^^) I played with the prices bit and set up min of 10% on plastic but it's still pricey!x,x but im sure it's worth of it!^^ and most affordable should be standard borderless deck marked lb and some with white and black borders?x,x so I'm sure you'' find something for yourself if you wish once all designs are approved and in shop!^^

and when order finally arrives I'll post new pic and review!^^ so stay tuned!^^

p.s book is still in progress! facepalm relese date should be hopefully by october?x.x

if you have any questions or comments feel free to note me!^^
all best!^^
till next!^^

p.p.s just to say I ordered borderless combo; full 54 card plastic& linen+64card mini delux!^^)
+ one glitzy postcard+one simple postcard and was surprised when all that was around 35 with free shipping!^^YEY free shipping for orders +30$!^^) now waiting,,, oh! and writing a book!x,x facepalm,,, lol
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Book progress

just so you know I'm working on the book!)
here is draft for Table of content
Table of content

Author Note………………………………. ………………..……………..
1. Brief Intro ………………………………. ………………..……………
2. About the cards …………………………………………………..
Playing card insertions

List of 36 Lenormand cards with basic info and meaning
Introduction and idea behind extra cards

List of 18 extra cards with basic info and meaning

3. Description of each card meanings …................................................. ..
1 Rider 9
2 Clover 6
3 Ship 10
4 House King
5 Tree 7
6 Clouds King
7 Snake Queen
8 Coffin 9
9 Flowers Queen
10 Scythe Jack
11 Whip Jack
12 Birds 7
13 Child Jack
14 Fox 9
15 Bear 10
16 Stars 6
17 Stork Queen
18 Dog 10
19 Tower 6
20 Garden 8
21 Mountain 8
22 Crossroads/Path Queen
23 Mice 7
24 Heart Jack
25 Ring Ace
26 Book 10
27 Letter 7
28 Gentleman Ace
29 Lady Ace
30 Lily King
31 Sun Ace
32 Moon 8
33 Key 8
34 Fish King
35 Anchor 9
36 Cross 6

Extra cards
37 Blue Roses /miracle! 5
38 Spider net 5
39 Butterfly! 4
40 Umbrella 5
41 Trumpet 4
42 Party 3
43 S card/intimacy 2
44 Clock 2
45 Cockroaches 4
46 Monkey 5
47 Sheep 3
48 Parrot 3
49 Banana 2
50 Lemon 2
51 Onion 3
52 Window 4

Extra cards numberless n signless jokers! Healing sign and Arrow up
Extra cards in mini de lux edition


4 Divination with cards

5. Spreads..…………………
Easiest way - draw 1 card …………
Answer with 2 cards ………………
Answer with 3 or 9 cards........……
5 cards Lenormand poker ……………
5 cards spread………………………
5 cards spread for love question….. .
5 cards spread for money question … .
5 cards spread for health question …...
7 cards spread…………………………
Lenormand 7………………………
9 cards spread for troubled relationship …
10 cards Pyramid - The birthday spread …
10 cards analyze question spread…………
11 cards Celtic spread
12 cards spread….................…………… .
12 cards comparison spread…………… …
21 cards spread…………………………
12 months spread...................................…
Classic 4rows spread …..................…… ..
Lenormand 8x4+4 Grand table………… ..
Chakra lenormand spread…………………

Extra examples of combined card meaning …

Deck creation and things you need to know if you plan making your own deck…….
List of links mentioned in this book

and here you can see names of the extra cards!)
fell free to comment!^^)

now to post this on blog!^^ btw I'll contine to post about the book progress on blog!^^ so this thread won't be up dated for a while!^^ probably not untill I get my order and finish book!^^ so till then! Ciao!^^ )

EDIT WOW so happy to see my shop updated!^^) it's soo good to see all options and even few postcards on one place!^^ lolz ) check it here
and don't forget to comment!^^ )
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Blog updates!

just to say there are few new posts on my blog for all of you who care to read it hope you like it!

it's all draft from my *working notes* so feel free to comment and point at typos and translations errors if any!^^)

p.s my PS order is still in *print* process!x,x facepalm probably cuz I ordered that extra glitzy postcard!?x,x oh well hope to get it soon! will post when it arrive!^^)

till next!^^
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Book preview! card meaning and interpretation example

1 Rider 9 of Heart ~ good card, positive meaning; success, victory, action, speed, agility, movement, sports, news, new message/person/something coming, transportation,

Time: almost, just about to, fast (longest wait can last 1-9 days) success during the week, the news coming for 10 or so days, movement on the way

Timing January or September

planet Mars, a sign of Aries, the element of fire period 21.3 / 31.3. Mercury in Aquarius
numerological value and its corresponding meaning 1 =start!

Positive response for a specific question.

In draw for lucky numbers this card is the number 1 and spare number is 9

Daily draw indicates active day in motion, sports or recreational activities, along with all forms of telecommunications, a new acquaintance, courting young male, good business offer, an invitation to travel road or a spin!^^)

Something is coming your way, The good news is on your way, it can be connected with news from abroad, or any person coming from abroad. Hints of something new, a new beginning or a new phase of an existing relations. All ventures are based on new and passionate grounds. Good surprise, new opportunities creativity, enthusiasm, hope confidence, good chance in a work, good deals. This card may indicate that it’s the right time for bold and creative actions. Forget the cumbersome and old approaches to a problem. Allow yourself to be direct and you could be amazed by results. This card shows a satisfied man on a ride resolved to continue the his way. It tells us about his departure, greeting and resolve that nothing can stop. It’s a person who have full control of the situation. The clouds in the background represent the journey into the unknown and sun on the other side is his goal /positive outcome . It also means investing effort to make wish come true, and warns of the danger of pride, false security and impatience.
A horse is animals that helps people, as a spirit protector it represents intelligence, strength and vitality of a rich inner life, as a means of transport travel and personal power, suggests a shift. It can mean classical action or changing external circumstances. Horse leaps trough the air with all 4 in the air it may mean swift or hasty action or something that you plan to do but not realized yet.

Near significator means news from foreign countries or from far away, new situations or people come to you, or you'll see the same day the person for who you are asking or hear something from him. Change comes through visitors or news that you receive.

Above significator shows persons thoughts.

Bad news if Cloud is between Rider and significator and if by the left side of the Cloud cards unfavorable news.

Person: a young man, athletic type -sporty (karate, boxing, wrestling, football, race etc), muscular, medium height, light hair, brown or bright eyes, it can be a person who comes from abroad, proud and happy notable, intelligent, intuitive, impulsive character, lively, dynamic, youthful temperament hardly wavering in determination, independent, loves to travel and adventure, affectionate, easy to make friends, but also reserved and likes to preserve his privacy, lives in a world of fantasy and mystery, has enthusiasm and will to live, likes the openness, can hardly accept life in reality. Impulsive and brave knight character makes him to go to places where others do not dare because not afraid to experience new things. For this reason is often considered frivolous by environment, and can make a wrong picture of him, although his nature seems pretty chaotic this person hides a lot of quality. Enjoys realization of new ideas, pioneering projects, and any new action, dexterity, good instincts but does not have enough sense to control these instincts in situations where caution is needed, a tendency to overestimate its abilities and underestimate the seriousness of the situation or enterprise in which engages without thinking. Excellent fighter, desire to win doesn’t left room for fear, while strategy lose its meaning .enjoys challenges, so relationship with this person can be very exciting, but trying to follow him might be a mission impossible.

Event; Points to activity, challenge, adventure and fast development.

LOVE new start or renewal of old love, if you are free to women this card means a new beginning, a passion, a new acquaintance and courtship. To younger men this card announces new experiences, adventures and entertainment, visits, invitations, help or an unexpected surprise. If you are married this card is intensifying the situation for short and describes you as a person who looks for adventures outside of marriage but is tied to house.

JOB; regular income and new opportunities, Your efforts will be crowned with success. If you sign up for a job you can expect a positive response. Because this is a card that indicates new promising proposals. Often means new work that must be done in strict secrecy.
Occupation: associated with movement, that require driving license or uniform (eg police officer, a soldier, bodyguard, sofer etc)

Health; related to movement sport and activities, warning: take care of your joints and tendons. Too much sport can lead to injury. Pain in legs, feet and ankles, and possible headaches and fever. Body locomotion system, tendrils n muscles especially legs knees n feet

Impression surprisingly this is one of cards I left for the last thinking it will be more troublesome, but when I finally started working on it was being made surprisingly easy n swift!) it practically painted on its own and details in the background just continue to pop up! Maybe I overdid it with details as I panted it as last card of the main 36 card deck but I like the way it is! And now when completed can say it’s one of my favorite cards! As now I see it as one of most positive cards in Lenormand! so that says about it’s meaning swift and competent, news, easy overcoming obstacles, god life etc things you were leaving for later or didn’t have will to deal with thinking it would be to troublesome may turn out surprisingly easy n swift! As Rider is swiftly moving away from mountain n clouds in the background toward the sun in front of him!) Improvement better health etc its all coming your way soon! Even if usually horse is not white I opted for white because I wanted it to represent good energy that will swiftly take you to your goal! Overcoming obstacles n swiftly moving away from problems!

Chakra; 3 solar material world, 4heart emotions, 5 throat communication,

Colors; green, blue, white, red, yellow, brown is closest to red chakra good color for material questions,

Advice; news that comes to your way may fill you with energy and give you a boost you need to overcome troubles you are dealing with, even if news may not be what you expect, new energy is already in you and all obstacles and troubles are maybe already behind you, don’t look back, bravely head forward, look into the bright future that is already here for you!

Spell *Ride on this clear strong energy to realize all your actions with success.*
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