2 new "old Trionfi notes" (both in 1444)

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2 new "old Trionfi notes" (both in 1444)

In the recent months Franco Pratesi has researched the "Libri del Giglio" of the "Camera del Comune" in Florence, which contain handwritten records of juridical cases between 1374 - 1511 in 73 volumes. The texts usually relate to fines, for instance for forbidden use of playing cards or other forbidden games.
Franco Pratesi naturally searched for records about playing cards.

He found 8 records for 14th century (from 1388, 1394, 1395 (2), 1396 and 1398 (3)).

He found 60 records between 1401-1425.

The period 1426 - 1499 he observed only selective, cause these books didn't contain very much notes of this kind beside a relative short period between 1442-1445. Here he researched all years between 1440-1450.

His result for this years (1440-50) contained two notes about Trionfi cards, both belonging to the years 1444 and likely referring to two players, which played with each other.

The related texts are ...

Giovanni di Ser Piero popolo San Simone fu preso adi 3 di genaio per giuchare
alle charte a trionfi per presente chapitano. Pagho adi 24 di fžebraio a Batista
Guicciardini cassiere di camera.
Vieri di Nanni popolo San Simone fu preso adi detto per giuchare alle charte a
trionfi per detto rettore. Pagho adi 3 di febraio a Batista Guicciardini cassiere di
Likely the prohibited action took place at 3rd of January, Vieri di Nanni payed his fine (10 Lira, that was rather much money) at February 3 and Giovanni di Ser Piero payed at February 24. The cassiere di camera was in both cases Batista Guicciardini and he got the money (... and likely wrote the both records in the related "Libra del Giglio" Nr. 38).

Franco gives 2 pages as comment for the event. He concentrates the fact, that the region, where both players lived, San Simone, is considered as a poor region of the city Florence in 15th century.

These 2 notes of 1444 (which possibly are related to only one event) are the 4th and 5th oldest Trionfi card note, that we have now:

1. September 1440: Giusto Giusto document, a deck for Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta (Florentine production)
2. February 1442, Sagramoro makes 4 decks for Leonello d'Este (Ferrara)
3. July 1442, a deck bought from Marchione Burdochio for the two d'Este boys (Ferrara)
4. 1444 February 3, Vieri di Nanni payed fine for "giuchare alle charte a trionfi" (Florence)
5. 1444 February 24, Giovanni di Ser Piero payed fine for "giuchare alle charte a trionfi"(Florence)

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