Michelsen's Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads

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Michelsen's Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads


I'm thinking of buying this tarot spread designing book and I would like to hear your opinions. I know this book was discussed in a thread last autumn, but I'd like know how you (still) feel about this book.

Is it worth buying?

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Oooh, I've been looking into getting this one also. I'd like yo hear what y'all have to say as well. I've been trying to delve deeper into tarot lately, and it's hard to find anything other than introductory tarot books, but Llewellyn's Special Topics in Tarot series looks interesting. They're on sale at Amazon for 20% off, BTW.
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Just bought, interestings so far

I just bought this book at the local Half Price Books store and so far it is really interesting. The first chapter deals with the questions and how and when you need to rephrase the question for a better reading. Also tells about establishing your own ethical bounderies and telling that to your readee when something comes up that is over your ethical bounderies (Like for example "Is my Husband cheating on me, I really need to know! I personally would not do a ready because you can really smuck up a relationship inadvertantly this way. I would instead suggest that she talk to her husband, communication being a key element in any relationship...common sense is sometimes at a loss when in a crisis...and think seriously about marriage counseling.).
The next chapter is on layout design so I would say, yes, this is worth buying or borrowing from the library if they have it.
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Tarot Spreads


For my personal taste, Michelson's book is a bit wordy. There is a new book out - "Tarot: Get The Whole Story" (James Ricklef, Llewellyn Publications, 2004) that I found to be informative and fun to work with.


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Has anyone found it helpful? I have read about half way through and yah, at times a bit wordy. But the exersices are really interesting and her explination of significators cleared that up for me, a confusing part for me until now.
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I love Teresa Michelsen's book, but I probably got it at a right time too; when I knew the tarot basics but was looking for a more creative and effective way to use it. The book helped me to think about what it was I really wanted to know when I did a reading, and to make a spread to answer that question.
It is a bit ironic that Teresa encourages to make your own spreads, and then gives so many examples of good spreads that you don't need to make your own anymore
I do not find the book too wordy, she gives a lot of information and you don't need to use it all - I don't use spatial design, I still just put my cards in a straight row normally and I also don't use significators (another chapter).

Part I is called Fundamentals of Spread Design and talks about what you should consider when you are designing a spread, but I also found it very helpful when she tells how you should avoid vague questions.

In Part II she explains and gives examples of different types of spreads, like:relationship spreads, decision spreads, predictive spreads, practical spreads, psychological spreads.
She also gives lots of examples of these that can be very helpful, they can give you good suggestions of how you can go about making a spread.

For me the book is more than just designing spreads, it made me look at tarot in a more creative way It is definitely one of my favourites.
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