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I didn't check shops with cards for a while. Ok, today I did to see if there is a big Thoth deck. I'd like to own all the possible sizes. I carry pocket one with myself in the bag, standard for readings home and clients... large would be lovely for the practice of the meditation with cards. All the details.

But it's easy to stop the urge since there are other things to hoard. Books or make-up stuff. Yes, found something new. Not planning to get new Tarot deck, except next Thoth.
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In the last two weeks of turning back "on" to tarot, and having lost my decks in a move (stifled sob), I have acquired 7 decks.

Classic Llewellyn (purchased)
New Palladini (purchased)
Sun and Moon (purchased)
Robin Wood (purchased used...that's a start!)

on way:
Miss Cleo Power Tarot (because, LOL!, but it was only 5 dollars...)
Fenestra (used!!)


My name is Chris, and I have a problem.
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So sorry you lost your decks.

i ordered the Dreaming Way Lenormand. Love the art.
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Scarlet Woodland 

Have been sticking to my TOADie resolution fine so far... unfortunately have ordered all other kinds of nonsense instead
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well, i had pretty much filled my wish list except for ellis and bleu cat. and then one day i decided to peruse rylla's list of tarot and started an even bigger wish list. but promised my hubs i wouldn't buy any for a while except world spirit if it ever gets published and probably raevyn's (i think pronounced raven) new deck.

but now i keep looking at that new list. i am gonna wind up in ball and chains. possibly a straight jacket.

my problem is i only started messing with tarot in late december 2015 and i am trying to find a few decks i feel comfortable to work with. some are collector and some i will be trading or selling.

the oracles i kept is probably be all I will get , but i did get messanger from sandra for raecine's workshop on reading spreads with oracle cards which is something that totally eludes me and makes no sense.

I have the large thoth in the mail from NZ, and alchemy 1977 england i think. there are some creepy decks i like. ;-) but they will have to wait.
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Scarlet Woodland 

Ooops, just ordered a deck... it was on my planned purchase list though so only need to tell myself off for being impatient
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This thread is dangerously close to becoming an enabling thread now

How did you lose your decks Chris?
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Still a TOADie--and still out of control. I managed not to buy any new decks for about a couple of weeks. Maybe. It's all been downhill since.
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I still have yet to buy a deck this year ...staying strong. In fact I have even downsized a bit. I'm growing to love the decks I have this year. No longer just opening the box looking through the cards and putting them away. If I won't read with it I won't buy it
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I wanna join the TOADie support group! I'm not really upset with myself or anything, but I do have enough decks to last me my entire life. So I'll officially throw my towel in and be happy with what I have

I'm here to de-enablingly support any of you blokes!!
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