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I haven't bought anything tarot-related in a month! I felt like I needed to examine how much my practice was influenced by deck acquisition and "research". I know my SO got me a deck or two for Christmas though, so that's definitely enough for me.
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This thread kind of put things in perspective, at least for me:

I guess this is because I can't really bear to part with any deck I bought, even if I am no longer especially fond of them. There must be a hoarder strain in my genes. I'd like to say that from now on I would only buy cards that I would definitely use, but then again, that is what we always say, isn't it? Sometimes, what we buy is not the deck itself, but the promise of reading with that deck.
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I bought a lot of decks in the past six months that I thought I couldn't live without. I still like them. But I need a break from buying --- mostly financial.

I haven't actually seen a deck that wowed me, so joining this forum has been pretty easy. I have been buying a few bags and books, but not many.
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BACK... on the wagon!

The deck I "fell off the wagon" for arrived with loads of printing errors.
I've sent it back for a re-fund.
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Now you've held it, has it made you glad it was faulty or will you crave a better copy!?
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Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Now you've held it, has it made you glad it was faulty or will you crave a better copy!?

Loads of printing errrors = magickal message to stop, I decided. (she says chastely...)

Funnily - the same thing happened with Lenormand decks.
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Scarlet Woodland 

I made my new years target. Well, sort of, as I actually ordered a few days early so it would arrive in time for new years but either way, I'm taking it

Still want to go a lot slower this year though as last year was a little nuts. Shouldn't have a problem this month as I've just forked out for a shiny new tablet... how many deck apps I may end up buying for said tablet is neither here nor there <ahem>.

You may see me back here in a few months if I haven't learned my lesson properly
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I could join this thread but it would be cheating. As I ordered and pre-ordered all the decks I wanted to have (kickstarter, amazon). I just have to wait for them to be available and delivered. So I could stay away (and plan to) from buying decks for a while. But still I wouldn't dare join this thread (what if a great deck comes in my way???). But I've became much more peculiar in choosing the decks that I buy (the fewer the better!).
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This past year was a strange one for me. In my home in Chicago IL I had a huge 4x8ft tall bookcase just dripping with the opulent deck collection. I had decks in Baba bags lined up in an old wine crate artfully placed on the floor near an arm chair, I had the decks in sections by TdM, RWS, Thoth, etc etc. I moved from the Midwest to the New England area and in the process luged the 9 large boxes of tarot cross country. I began to redesign my tarot 'center' I had a floor to ceiling bookcase just loaded with the decks and loved passing them by and touching them. Then I began to clean via the "Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up" book I was reading and my collection took a huge turn. In holding each deck and asking if it sparked joy in me (After doing 3/4 of the rest of the house one gets to know the true spark' which is why one does this thing in a certain order.) I found that over 2/3 of my collecting didn't. I had decks because "That's an example of xyz deck", "This deck will be worth money some day","Oh this deck is really rare", "This one was a great idea for a deck I love it", but they didn't spark joy.

Now I am in the process of moving once again and now I have 2 small boxes of decks that are so precious to me that it's like protecting kittens. I can now close my eyes and reach out and every single deck I would grab would be a deck that I truly and deeply love. What this also does is that adding a new deck means that the new deck has to meet with the same criteria. My collection went down well over 100+ decks and now it's a better collection for it. I can't even begin to say how life chaining it was. So this year I WILL add decks but most likely I will add less then 5 and that's ok so long as they spark joy.
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I should have joined this thread last year when I got like 3 decks only. This is now new year and I already got 6 new decks within the last weeks and about 4 more in the mail.

But after that I am NOT buying any more!
I will actually sell off a few bad buys.
I could never do like edward though but then I don't have as many as him :-p
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