Le Tarot Tournant (Bill's Tarot) completed!!

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Thanks for the heads-up, Prudence. This deck looks exquisite. (Just when I'm slowing down my purchasing, too! )
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beautiful deck!! Is is possible to order one?
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Wow, it's obvious that a lot of love went into this. Just lovely.
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This is Art.

me want
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Originally Posted by GlitterNova View Post
You've got me very curious, what deck has the first Moon card you mentioned?
Possibly good news, I may have put the moon card image into my iPhoto years ago. But, I have since moved thousands of photos to a cloud, so it will take some time to look through all of those images to see if it is indeed in there.

I also need to contact Bill and get his permission to post the image if and when I do find it.

I'm also working on getting some photos of the pips from the Tournant, I'm trying to lay them out just right, so as to show how they relate while at the same time avoiding posting an image filled with cards that can be pirated.

I am very curious to hear from the others who have received an advance copy of this deck. What do you all think of it? Have you been reading with it yet? The pips have quite a voice, in the readings I've done. I did spend many years on TdM and other historical decks, reading up on their history and learning different methods on how to read with them. I have been reading with RWS in the last few years, so it very nice dipping my foot back in the pool of pip decks with this long awaited gem.
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I just sent a pm about the Moon card you're looking for.
I have a copy of Le Tarot Tournant and tomorrow I'll post some reactions.
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Sublime...would love to obtain the deck...looks like a treasure and an act of love.
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For some reason, I haven't been following this. Now I am!

Did you see the set with the little booklets?! Everything my little geek heart could desire!

(I kind of shudder to think of what something of this quality might cost, but, I'm pretty sure it's a must-have anyway!)
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Thank you Michellehihi, DownUnderNZer, FaintlyMacabre, JylliM, magicjack, delizt, CherryNukaCola , starlightexp, mayan, and rachelcat! I appreciate all your compliments and nice thoughts!

For those who have asked about availability:

If all goes well, depending on several factors, I expect to do a larger edition of the "Special Edition Card Deck" that may be available in a relatively short while. But one of the factors is the deliberation on whether to turn this over to someone else to handle, so sorry to say there is no specific date or firm timeline for availability.

The "Artistís Book Deluxe Edition" may have limited availability at some point, though for now I'm still working out a number of issues. There is no specific plan or date or firm timeline for release.

Updates will appear on the website:

Thank you for your patience!
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