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What tarot blogs do you read?

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illyria  illyria is offline
Join Date: 18 Mar 2015
Location: Neverneverwhere
Posts: 518

Not exclusively tarot, but the tarot parts are refreshing to read:
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kittydorkdork  kittydorkdork is offline
Join Date: 20 Nov 2015
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 46

I'm a huge fan of

And I'm kind of proud of my own blog
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Philistine  Philistine is offline
Join Date: 30 May 2015
Location: LA LA Land
Posts: 202

Well, it's more cartomancy in general than just strictly tarot, but the eclectic, firebrand approach by Camelia Elias on is really my groove. A bit more on the European side with Marseille, Lenormand, playing cards, etc. and no RWS or Thoth or anything contemporary.

When I was relearning the RWS, I enjoyed the simple tarot articles for each card on which give a past, present, and future context for the card's meaning, and points out combinations with other cards. I think timing and surrounding cards are very important to getting the most out of a card meaning, so those layers in their articles were rather enlightening compared to just a plain LWB or the flat meanings on Biddy.
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jema's Avatar
jema  jema is offline
Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: sweden
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AJ's and Beverlys mentioned above, Le Fanus when he posts :-p
then I have Camelia Elias posts sent to my mail

oh and this one is a fave of mine!!

Forgot one, a lady called Carla here, left the forum, but she has a really good blog here:
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Chrystella  Chrystella is offline
Join Date: 06 Aug 2001
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 430

I read a few:

Camelia Elia's Taroflexions
The Tarot Lady
Circle Ways & Evolutionary Tarot
Tarot Studies by Jean-Michel David
Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog
My Curious Cabinet
Tarot Heritage
That's Totally Tarot
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AkiraOkihu's Avatar
AkiraOkihu  AkiraOkihu is offline
Join Date: 08 Oct 2014
Location: Romania
Posts: 75

Thanks, everybody! I've got much more than I've ever imagined I'd do. Apparently, there are so many tarot bloggers I haven't heard about before. I ought to update my reading list.
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SunChariot's Avatar
SunChariot  SunChariot is offline
Join Date: 29 Oct 2004
Location: Quebec, Canada
Posts: 10,666

This is mine:

I post it once a month. I consider it like a monthly magazine, but in blog format.

Feel free to participate in the contest of course.

I honestly don't read any others at the moment. Just too busy with my life. LOL

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nisaba's Avatar
nisaba  nisaba is offline
Join Date: 02 Jan 2009
Location: Proudly Australian
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Originally Posted by AkiraOkihu View Post
Hey, guys! I'm in a reading mood and I was curious about what tarot blogs you are regularly reading.
<warm smile> None at all. I've never found one that is as valuable as the wealth of information and experience right here.

It's always a good idea to learn more and connect with other people in the Tarot community .
<happy grin> Which is exactly what we're doing right now!
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MissChiff's Avatar
MissChiff  MissChiff is offline
Join Date: 06 Jan 2008
Location: Arizona USA
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This is a good group..
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MakoMoonPool's Avatar
MakoMoonPool  MakoMoonPool is offline
Join Date: 16 Apr 2016
Location: New-Brunswick, Canada
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There are a lot of tarot blogs on tumblr... TarotProse is one of my fav

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