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Join Date: 09 Aug 2011
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Tarot Apps

Hi, l'm looking for some tarot apps recommendations please.

Who makes the best tarot apps in yr opinion? What are yr favourite tarot apps? Any suggestions and thoughts appreciated.

Are there any tarot apps you have been particularly disappointed with? Any that you found to be particularly good?

I've just purchased a new android phone and I'm keen to purchase a few to try.

Is there a listing anywhere in this forum of tarot apps available?
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I really like the Wild Unknown Tarot app. It has great daily cards in particular, that pop up once a day. I really like reading the daily cardís meanings, they feel personal and mundane. I also like how it keeps track of earlier daily cards.

I have a couple of other apps from Foolís Dog, but I donít use them so often. I really like how some of the decks come with the full guidebook (like Tarot of Vampyres) so itís practical if youíre going away, or youíre on the bus/train/plane, and want to study some tarot without bringing books and decks.
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Join Date: 09 Aug 2011
Location: Australia
Posts: 712

Thks for yr reply. I've just taken a look at the Fool's Dog apps and will purchase a few from them. I'll take a look at the WU as well.

PS I like yr signature!
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MaeWasteland  MaeWasteland is offline
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The only one I have so far is the Tarot Illuminati one, which I actually just bought, as my phone is tiny and the only tablet I have is the kindle fire, sadly Fool's Dog apps aren't available for it. The main thing I wanted it for is to be able to view a given card and zoom in to see more detail than I can see in my physical copy of the deck, and it does this admirably well. It also has sixteen different spreads available. The info on each card's meanings is pretty short I'd say, but if you're familiar with card meanings and/or read intuitively that's probably not too important. The artwork is kind of "marmite" (people seem to love or hate it, not much in between), I was quite disappointed when I bought my physical copy last year, but I picked it up again recently and am back in the love camp.
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I have three so far, but I'm limited to what I can get for my Kindle; so no Fool's Dog and none of the others offered through Google Play. Right now I have the Galaxy Tone Pro for RWS, the CBD Pro for Marseille, and the Gilded Reverie for Lenormand. The Galaxy app has a somewhat clunky navigation interface (can't go up and down the menu with ease without in some cases backing out to the load screen); the CBD is better once you learn its quirks, and the Gilded Reverie is the best of all; I have everything I need at my fingertips without dragging my reference material along. I'm hoping Fool's Dog will add Kindle to their supported platforms. I also use these apps for reference, not for electronic readings.
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Shadowscapes is great. I just downloaded Golden thread tarot for free on iPod. There was a good one for learning riderwaite on android that I can't find....

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Atalanta  Atalanta is offline
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Oh no, we had a whole thread on Tarot apps and now I can't find it. It had some really good conversation on what apps people liked and how we looked at using Tarot apps.

I have the Galaxy Tone RWS for Android as well as various Fool's Dog apps for iOS (Robin Wood and Mystical Cats). I love the Robin Wood deck for iOS but I think for ease of use, the Galaxy Tone on Android is better.

I was going to post that I had downloaded the Mystical Cats tarot because I thought it was darling, I love the illustrations, but I can't get a decent read off it to save my life.
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Join Date: 09 Aug 2011
Location: Australia
Posts: 712

Thanks for all your replies. I've already downloaded a few of the Fool's Dog apps, and plan to purchase several more. Some mentioned here that I'm thinking about purchasing > Shadowscapes, Gilded Reverie ... as well as the Druid Plant and Animal Oracle, Journey Into Egypt. I'll take a look at the Galaxy Tone apps as well.

I had dabbled in electronic readings before getting my phone, and the apps I've just purchased have - not unexpectedly - given some clear readings.
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Originally Posted by Melia View Post

I had dabbled in electronic readings before getting my phone, and the apps I've just purchased have - not unexpectedly - given some clear readings.
I've tried online readings before and nearly always have bad readings, all doom and gloom and can never relate to them so I was a bit dubious when I downloaded my first tarot app but I've found all of them to be spot on. I have dailies from the Liber T, Robin Wood and TdM plus I Ching and Runes.

I also like that I can either email these readings to myself or send them to One note. So after all of these years, I have a sort of journal going too.
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Sadly the Wild Unknown app is now discontinued by the deck creator and not available in the store any longer.

I think there is 3 different brand groups of apps for Android which are great....

  • The Galaxy Tone set of apps written about here and I love them all!
  • The Fool's Dog set of apps which there is more of for Apple Devices but they are starting to really come on to Android now.
  • Uni Tarot where you can put decks into it. There is a free version or if you pay for it you can put a whole selection if different and historic apps into it's "engine".

The Fool's Dog cards are gloriously HD and beautiful. Galaxy Tone have beautifully made apps with spreads and options for using the cards and their meanings tabs and interpretations are so helpful. Uni Tarot has the cutest shuffling animations when you shake your device and it's flexible to have all these historic decks in one app.

Explore and see what your faves are

I have not noticed any difference between digital readings and real readings in my hands but I don't tend to use them for complex or large spreads or for readings for other people other than myself really. Galaxy Tone is great for a card of the day in all their apps and it seems very accurate in my opinion
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