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Tarot Symbol Book?

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Originally Posted by strings of life View Post
I second this, and highly recommend it; this is my go-to book on symbolism across the board!

Edited to add: I prefer this book since it explains the history and offers explanations on why so many of these archetypal symbols have stood the true test of time.
I like it too - with one caveat - there are a few instances when tarot traditions have kind of overridden the ones in there, which can confuse.
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Originally Posted by tarotlova View Post
Thank you so much I think I now have enough reading material for two lifetimes
I second the Penguin Dictionary as well and I'll offer 2 more (so you can read them in your next lifetime):

The Secret Language of Symbols: The symbols included in this book are associate with IChing, Chakras, Zodiac and Tarot and there's a small section on Tarot. It's a great concise book

Also, The Book of Symbols (which is huge)

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary by Sandra Thomson. I bless the day Sulis put me on to it
Just wanted to say thanks for this (and to OP for asking!) as I'd been looking for something similar, bought this on Kindle and really enjoying it so far Will also check out the Penguin book, I'm hopeless at symbolism (possibly related to being autistic - the literal nature of autistic brains is sometimes kinda overstated, most autistics I know have lots of imagination, but it is true that I kinda struggle not to see a cigar as just a cigar, so to speak!)
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