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Originally Posted by _R_ View Post
Believe it or not, that PDF was actually compiled (by another member) from a long-running thread here on AT back in the days...

See here:

Mel hasn't posted here in some years so it would be unfair to give away too many details. You could always post a thank-you note in that thread if you wish.

Ah, another, much more readable, work that touches on pythagorean number symbolism and its relation to the Tarot is Nigel Jackson's book, "Fortuna's Wheel".
I remember Mel's old thread, and believe I already condensed what I could out of it for my reference material. If this newer pdf captures the same thing that I already assembled myself, I won't need to print another 90 pages.
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Having had second thoughts, I just had a quick look again at both Opsapaus and Jackson's takes on the suits, and it turns out it was Jackson rather than Opsapaus who stuck to the Rider-Waite attributions.

In fact, Opsapaus states: N.B.: I think the Pythagorean interpretation of the Decad requires a more positive reading of the Dix of Swords than is usual.

[ ]

Just in case anyone was wondering.
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I've been enjoying this book, which is out of print and quite expensive to find, but recently found available to take out as an ebook from the Open Library.
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