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Originally Posted by willowy View Post
Does anyone have the 3rd edition ?Because it says online that two cards were changed for the third edition,the darth vader death card and the jon snow one.Does anyone know if they are still included in this deck cause they are the two I liked the looks of the most and may cancel my order if they're not in 3rd edition.
Yes, Jon Snow is the 10 of Swords and Darth Vader is Death in the Third Edition (just got my deck out to double check!) [emoji4]
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Originally Posted by LauraKai View Post
Yes, Jon Snow is the 10 of Swords and Darth Vader is Death in the Third Edition (just got my deck out to double check!) [emoji4]
Thank you so much I can stop acting like a sulky three year old now lol,my sister must have got it wrong,she said that it said on the site they were only in 2nd edition.
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Just found out AT is shutting down (I'm soo sad! Mourning my loss) and I wanted to finish up any threads I've been a part of so none are left hanging, and this was the only one I saw that I'd miss replying to...

Like LauraKai, I also love the cardstock, it feels good and is very nice and easy to shuffle. Also like LauraKai and Tanga, I've also only used it for personal readings, and have not quite embraced every card yet, mainly because I still need to watch some of the movies that are used in the deck and learn about their characters. Overall, I really love this now OOP pop culture deck, and I look forward to getting to know it even better over the coming years. Cheers!
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