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Carrie Paris

Carrie Parisian selling her spread cloth that goes with her siren song Lenormand its gorgeous but in many ways it's like a scarf
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just received my get cloth from middia, it took just a week to get to me from Poland and it's perfect, nice heavy(ish) cotton, lovely neutral design. Great value to boot. Couldn't be happier, only sorry now I didn't order a plain cloth for non gt readings too.
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Scarlet Air 

Never even thought of this but it's such a good idea. Off to investigate.
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just to report zazzle bandana are perfect fit for Lenormand (bridge&mini size decks) GT 8x4+4 spread cloth!
here are my designs;
also spoonflower fatquarter for Lenormand GT 9x4 will add on my etsy soon!
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