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I'll be joining you...i picked up the answer deck and the Lenormand. Very interesting. Like the littleness...
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I'm jumping in here, not having read through the whole thread, so I'm sorry if you have a particular group going for this study. I didn't want to start a whole new thread for something about these cards that occurred to me last night.
I just got this deck. Couldn't resist it, after seeing what everyone was saying about it. The first day I drew the cards, they didn't make sense to me, until I drew the same messages from my Faeries Oracle!! Now, isn't that strange? How cards from a different deck will throw light on the previous one.

Anyway, I can't help comparing TAD with poetry. For me, poetry is encapsulated thought and, therefore, more powerful than prose. This is how I see TAD and its messages. They seem short and sweet, but they are really "dense" and layered with meaning and interpretation, even metaphor.

The two cards I drew today made perfect sense. Perhaps we needed to adjust to each other's company? LOL

Good analogy the Hitchcock one! Filme Noir, of course, but hadn't thought of H.

I would like to join you, once in a while, if that's alright.
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Tansey Ella 

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hey guys i got a bit of a problem..i lost my booklet.. now i need interpretations for the cards such as the woman of the world, the fool, the troubleshooter, etc. im kinda desperate now.. please?
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Hi everyone,

I have ordered this little deck a few days ago, now after reading your posts I can't wait to have it in my hands.

I've been reading Lenormand Cards for hmm 2 years now and I love that deck. I almost stopped using Tarot since I started using Lenormand. I've read some people here is reading the Answers Deck with the keywords and then make sentences with them. Whoa! That's what I do with Lenormand !

Has anyone tried to do the "Grand Tableau" spread with the Answers Deck? I think it would be very interesting. For sure I'll do it as soon as I get them!!
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