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Modern SpellCaster's - Study Group

As previously mentioned in a post about this deck coming out, there was some interest in doing a Study Group for the Modern SpellCasters Tarot.

I love that there is a Magick component (.... *SPELLCASTERS** is in the name after all.....) and I hope that there would be some discussion about that part as well.

The book offers a small amount of guidance regarding the symbols used, mostly the animals and a few of the sigils. Personally, I love that things are not spelled out.

Personally, I'd like to start with the Pentacles but I hope others start threads for the cards they are working on as well.

This is my first study group, so be kind. and also patient with me. I'm still learning who everyone is (and there are a LOT of you!!)

It would be a help to me if folks chimed in here if they are taking this journey as well as what they hope to get out of the Study Group.


The World:
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...Magick is not just a component - the deck was made for modern Pagan Magick/Spellcasting (And it's original name was The Magical Spellcaster's Tarot before it was changed.).
This (neo-pagan) magick is inherent in the imagery, and evident from the companion booklet - 'The SpellCaster's handbook - a modern approach to spellcasting and paganism'.
The deck creator is the founder of a Coven in the USA (the deck illustrator is Scott Murphy).

JeniReadsTarot - where's your first Pentacle card that you'd like to talk about?
Start the thread.

There should be a separate thread for each card (just had a quick look at how the others are done here - plus if there's enough interest and posts - it might eventually be put into the 'individual deck study' section) where one person starts the topic and everyone else chimes in adding their penny's worth following the OPs comments - plus let's stick to labelling each thread with the same format, so they're easier to find etc.
I am going to kick off with the Majors - going backwards from 21... (no particular reason - just because).

Here's the 1st card thread on the WORLD, 21.

Ahh yes P.S. - what I aim to get out of this study group: fun in sharing, and a deeper learning/understanding of this fantastic new Tarot deck. Hopefully some people will offer their magickal rituals as we go along - as I will (presently working on a charging ritual specifically for this deck - inspired after reading the relevant section of the companion book) so we can have more ritual material to talk about and add to the forum.

*P.S. for the record. I am Wiccan (British Traditional Wicca - progressive. For sticklers).
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Originally Posted by Tanga View Post
...Magick is not just a component - the deck was made for modern Pagan Magick/Spellcasting]
Totally true. I guess what I was thinking is that you don't HAVE to use it for Magick... you could use it specifically for tarot and completely enjoy it.

I'm going to start with the Ace of Pentacles. Thread will be started soon.

Thanks so much for jumping in!
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I've started an index thread for this group so there's no need to link to the cards from here.
The index thread is here: Modern Spellcaster's Tarot study group index thread
And I've added it to the Index of study groups at the top of Tarot Study Groups.

Please send me a PM when you start a new thread so that I can index it and let me know if you need help with anything at all.

Sulis - moderator
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