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Dreams with crystals

So I basically placed my tarot deck underneath my pillow and dreamt the night away.

I felt like in one dream I was going into the past a festival where a guy and I meet that I no longer speak too.

The others were just me searching for a man.

Then in the dream this guy called Matt, came round my house and noticed that my Rose Quartz had been chipped badly. For some reason I had placed an aventurine on it (it was a necklace). I own the Rose Quartz but not the aventurine.

Any way he pulled out a crystal and said here tigers eye will heal anything beyond repair,. I sat and watched him and he placed it on my Rose Quartz and it's like the Rose Quartz was in full form again no chips no nothing, it turned white with the combination of the adventurine.

He said too me right what other crystals do you own? And I said not many they're all in my tarot bags. Healing the decks. And he responded right let's have a look and I mentioned my hematite. And that's when I woke up. (My hematite is in my les vampire deck).

My feelings,

I wonder if "Matt." Was showing me how easy it is that things can be repaired if we have the right tools and the right will?, was this matt guy giving me hints about my romance life?, I believe he was saying that things can be healed if we have the right balance and harmony to allow them to do so.

I believe my les Vampires may have a message they want me to give also regarding the situation above? Any other opinions? X
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