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Originally Posted by Dew View Post

Be excited about the warm and wonderful options coming your way. Get optimistic! Feel the love, BE the love! Opt for the light filled way !

Thanks for your readings Daniel !

Q. How to best achieve a close to perfect final paper by this friday(dissertation)
Thank you for the lovely optimistic and bright reading about my future Dew!

I will do your question before they switch off the reading threads posting.

Titania's Fortune Cards - Moon + Anchor (Base card Clover)

I think with the base card, you can get a quick advantage and a little luck to get your perfect marks by working through the nights ahead. I see the Moon and Anchor as night work, working every night but putting in those hours and to keep going! This might also talk about the topic of your paper to do with Moon and Anchor topics but I get a sense it's working every hour you can. Good luck with it Dew!

sorry if you all want to keep posting message from the universe for me
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