Modern SpellCaster’s - 19, Sun.

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Modern SpellCaster’s - 19, Sun.

“Glaring and undeniable” (LWB) - THE SUN here is certainly that.
It’s practically blotting out the sky having turned it a golden colour and silhouetting the lady who is quite joyfully at her weaving, with a happy child in her lap.
The water shines reflecting this light, and THE BOAT in the background suggests that lazy holiday Summer feeling where one might sit on the beach or grass, and watch the world float by.
The height of Summer is when life is most in abundance and generally (unless one is suffering severe drought somewhere) where there’s a more relaxed pace to life.

Interestingly there’s a LIGHTNING ROD above the mid-mast of the boat.
I haven’t decide what that means to me yet…

The author leans towards a main interpretation of this card being “how we let our light shine in the world” - the facets of ourselves that we openly share.
This lady here is certainly weaving outside for all to see with some grace in her stature.

There are SUNFLOWERS in the foreground suggesting two things to me:
1st rhythm and cycles, because young sunflowers exhibit heliotropism - they follow the path of the sun during the day, from East to West, and re-orientating overnight to begin again the next day in the East.
Apparently East-facing flowers attract more pollinators because insects like warm flowers…
The 2nd is that “following the limelight” thing - tracking this “glaring and undeniable” light. Children generally have less inhibitions and are much louder in public, their behaviour meaning that we “track them in their limelight” - Lol. (or not as the case may be - but we still have to track incase they get into mischief).

What catches my interest for spellwork is this card's use for the protection and healing of children, and especially potent in the Summer months.
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