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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
I just have a problem with Aquarius (air, or possibly water) being associated with sulphur, mercury, and salt.
Same here. Since the element water is also alchemically represented by a wavy glyph (see the second source in my post above), I believe that in this case it represents Water instead of Aquarius, so that all the four glyphs in the Wheel pointing in the cardinal directions are purely alchemical symbols. I think the element water (as opposed to Aquarius) is easier to relate to sulfur, mercury, and salt.
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To me the glyphs are symbolic of:

Sulphur = Fire
Wavy Lines = Water
Mercury = Air
Salt = Earth

The part outside the wheel represents the Macrocosm. Inside the wheel is the Microcosm represented by three individual wheels that go from large to small. The outer wheel is body; the middle wheel is mind; and the small wheel in the center is spirit. The alchemical glyphs occupy the middle, or mind part. I'm not sure it's that critical to pinpoint exactly what each one is or isn't, speculation could go on indefinitely. A more important point, seems to me, is that all should be in balance and harmony, allowing the mind to look deeper toward the target in the center.
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