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Tarot in TV and Film?

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Ron521  Ron521 is offline
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Tarot in TV and Film?

I recently watched a television series on Hulu called "Shut Eye", about a psychic who works for an organized crime family. Tarot cards feature prominently in the story, and each episode is titled after one of the major arcana.

The series was a good crime drama, probably not safe for kids due to violence and some sexual content.

Has anyone else seen this, or other TV/movies featuring tarot?
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Mythtaken  Mythtaken is offline
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The series Bones has a character who's handy with a tarot deck. Haven't seen her often, but I like her character (played by Cyndi Lauper).
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There was a BBC TV series some time ago called "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell", in which one of the male characters used a tarot deck fairly often. There is a thread about it here.
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EmpyreanKnight  EmpyreanKnight is offline
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The Stardust Crusaders season of the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure uses spiritual manifestations of the cards in the Major Arcana (also called "stands") to battle each other. Their "powers" are quite apt. Really fascinating - the protagonists get into all the most challenging scrapes that require superb strategic thinking to surpass. Highly recommended.
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Nosgo  Nosgo is offline
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The most recent I've seen was the movie "Knight of Cups" with Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Nathalie Portman.
You don't see physical cards in the movie but the story is divided into chapters and each one has the name of a specific major arcana (The Moon, The High Priestess, etc).
I've found the film boring as possible and didn't understand where it was supposed to lead us (and I'm the kind of person who insn't bothered by 15min of no action and contemplative poetry) but trying to understand how the meaning/energy of a specific major arcana could be representative of a specific chapter and/or character was rather amusing.
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decan  decan is offline
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In the television series "Carnivāle" one of the main characters is a fortune teller.
Actually this TV show is very strange.
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Charmed! My favourite show ever I think they were featured in only 2 episodes (out of 178, so I wouldn't say Tarot is the central theme in the show).
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empress's dress  empress's dress is offline
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empress's dress 

one of the best films ever. but it may be hard to watch outside of a movie theater. it's complicated like reading pomo lit. you need to be ready to concentrate. lol. celine and julie go boating.
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EmpressArwen  EmpressArwen is offline
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There was a card reader on Monday night's Bachelor. They were on a date in the bayou. I believe the reader was using the Thelema Tarot but not 100% sure.
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The Red Violin

I think my favourite movie featuring tarot is The Red Violin.

Tarot also featured prominently in the TV mini-series Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Loved that one.

We also saw quite a bit of tarot in the TV show Penny Dreadful. Absolutely fantastic show. The tarot deck, not so much.
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