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Originally Posted by banbha View Post
Yes there will be a way to order one soon. From Emi Brady in an Email update:

"I am in the process of building a webstore where I will continue taking preorders for decks and the non-exclusive items, so if you miss the campaign you will still have a chance to preorder!"

So good news.

I might have to splurge and get a print as well. I love that these pictures are so true to nature but also have esoteric elements.
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The backer kit store is open:

If you missed getting the set during the campaign, here's your chance!
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Just saw the most recent updates for this kickstarter and the coloured cards shown are absolutely stunning! <3 Can't wait to receive this deck around Christmas time! If it arrives beforehand, I'm going to wrap it xmas paper and put it under the tree with my name on it! lol
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