four directions/elemental make up spread

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four directions/elemental make up spread

I am using a spread that is like extension of the diamond spread I used before, 2 cards go in each direction. so, it goes like this
---x5--x---x—--x--x 1


In sweat lodge where I go into it here, east is 1, south is 3, 5 is west, and 7 is north
So, I associated seasons with the direction, 1 is spring, 3 is summer 5 is fall and 7 is winter
Following it up further,
1 is fire/wand 3 is summer/water 5 is pentacle/physical, 7 is swords, mental
This is bit different then looking at the top line as spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.
The right being fire, masculine shows what we with our spirit is attracting to us
The bottom is our emotions and our heart, the left is our body receiving the spirit will for us.
And the upper is our mental intention to go upwards to meet our creator.
And like the song turn turn turn, “there is a season turn turn turn “aka we can not stay in one direction/season despite what we may want or not to stay in one direction. We must turn and move with the turn of the tide.
The diagonals themselves are a mixture of energy elements.

The number 2 is emotional fire/water and fire.
Number 4 is physical emotional/earth and water,
Number 6 is mental physical/air and earth
Number 8 is fire mind/ fire and air.
The cards will show if the diagonals are either for example earth is in harmony with water to make bricks or in conflict so it makes mud. One can look at the main direction when used with tarot to see if it is too much or not enough fire or water.

so to recap it goes like this

1. east /spring /fire/spiritual (past)
2. emotional fire/ water and fire (past to present)
3 south/summer/ water=emotion (present)
4 physical emotion/ physical and emotion (present to future)
5. west, fall, body/physical (future)
6. mental body / mind and body (future to higher aspect)
7 north, winter, mind / air (higher aspects)
8 spiritual mind / fire and air (higher aspects to past)
0.soul message. message from the universe for you

I also use 3 cards after for a soul message or you may use it as the surpise part if you prefer

The purpose of this spread is designed to tell you about many things, and gives you the ability to use many 3 card combos , suitable for lenny, kipper use as well as tarot

edited to add
I created the spread original in my mind for a person to ask "tell us about this card " as a way for them to learn about the aspects of the card. so while the card should be placed in the middle ,,
it can also be mixed into the cards counted out for the spread and put in randomly to see where it lands.

edited to add further

it becomes a personal choice if summer is water or fire, and spring is fire or water.
since golden dawn associates spring with fire,, and summer can be full of water due to rain,,
that is why I ended up like it did.

edited to add even further

after you done reading you can see the 3 vertical lines to the right of the central line as more past cards. and see the cards to the left of the central line as possible future cards .

then you read the two lines below the central horizontal line as roots
and you read the two lines above the horitozonal line as higher parts.

so at the end of the spread you read more combos to give you more depth.
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