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"Arcanes Symphoniques" - Richard Dubugnon

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"Arcanes Symphoniques" - Richard Dubugnon

[Note: After being unable to update my previous post on the subject in the Tarot-themed Music thread, I decided to give this recording its own topic]

A recent interview with Patrick Coq, who has produced the Viéville Tarot, reminded me of the amazing "Tarot symphony" by contemporary French composer, Richard Dubugnon, "Arcanes symphoniques". Dubugnon composed the pieces based on the visual symbolism of the major arcana.

Extracts can be heard on his website

On Youtube, there also some excerpts from a documentary which shows his technique for creating music from Tarot.

Tarot cards and Dubugnon's Arcanes Symphoniques
Dubugnon - Arcanes Symphoniques - analyse d'une carte
Alain Altinoglu, Tarot & Dubugnon
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Furthermore, another set of videos and recordings are now available on the composer's Youtube channel, as well as a brief review in the Guardian newspaper:

Arcanes Symphoniques
(Includes: X-La Roue de Fortune; XI-La Force; XVI-La Maison-Dieu; XVII-L'étoile; 0-Le Mat)

VI- L'Amoureux

XX-Le Jugement

XV-Le Diable

XIIII-La Temperance


VIII-La Justice

XII-Le Pendu

XXI-Le Monde


VII-Le Chariot


I-Le Bateleur

Richard Dubugnon: Arcanes Symphoniques

A talented composer, an excellent piece of classical music and one well worth seeking out by those who like such things, as well as those who are willing to allow themselves to be surprised. The CDs and digital recordings are available via his website and via Amazon and presumably the usual platforms.
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A second recording of this rather extraordinary piece of music has just been released through the classical label Naxos, although it only includes 5 pieces taken from the 'Arcanes Symphoniques’, along with some of his other compositions.

Naxos Description

Description: The Symphonic Arcana are short orchestral studies that form musical representations of the 22 major Tarot cards. Five are heard here according to the composer's instructions that any selection can be performed in any order, simulating the dealing of the cards, every time being different. This is the only 'chance' aspect of the piece, which is otherwise largely neo-romantic, with elements of French impressionism and vivid, colorful orchestration and variations in modal and harmonic content to reflect the character of the cards.
From: Records International
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