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Rana's Deck

Rana George has just announced that her Lenormand deck is available for preorder at U S Games... just thought I would share..her book really opened up doors for me.
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Village Witch 

Link please!


I found it.


Not my taste, but I do see Rana's influence in the cards. :-D
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It is just another "Lenormand" deck among many only nothing about it makes me want to have to buy it except the backs. I do like the backs. The kid playing marbles is cute, but the drawing seems like the 70s or something. Stars are not bad. I do like the woman.

I think it is the "Mosaic" that puts me off and especially as it is "brown". I like lively colors.

I think the WOMAN is really cool actually.

As for "39" - a mystery card and an empty room.

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I agree that the artwork is "nothing special," but at least it's accomplished and not overly crude. It won't go to the top of my list of "must-have" decks, though.
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I have so many Lenormands I don't really need another. But I do like that her deck has a personal spin with its nod to her Lebanese heritage! It does make it a little different from other decks out there, to try to stand out.

While the art style isn't particularly my thing, I do like the color palate and the archway mosaic designs.

Her book is one of my favorites, too.
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I like it because it represents Rana's biographical perspective. The colors and theme appeal to me, and I find its artwork straightforward and engaging. Most of all, it is Rana's deck - I think of her as one of my primary teachers in the Lenormand lineage, so I look forward to receiving it.
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The deck reflects Lebanon and has nice warm colors, but honestly I don't find it special or really appealing (for me).
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i like it very much, and will certainly pre-order it. Rana knows her stuff...
i miss her presence on AT. [She was ashtaroot, for those who remember].
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I think I will order when it's available on Amazon as I really like Rana's teaching and approaches.
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I think it's magical!! I can't wait to own it!!
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