Crystals to gain love?

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Originally Posted by IndigoWaves View Post
Rather than being about morals, though, I was thinking that intense desire may have just pushed the person over an edge, of sorts -- from which this act/use of crystals would be seen as purely "useful", and its manipulativeness wouldn't be consciously registered;
There is that.
Or is it ignorance?...

Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
The only crystal id use for love is rose quartz....
That's in the eye of the spell caster. Depends how you're constructing your spell.
For example, to add to aiding of love - I might include... Larimar (blue and white stone) - which fosters speaking and listening with awareness and opening honest communication between souls.
I might have Fire Opal to encourage healthy sexual relationship...
Or perhaps a Herkimer Diamond to promote pure love and harmony with others...

You get where I'm going with this.

And - let me just add a bunch of other uses of Rose Quartz
Eases fear and soothes grief. Fosters inner peace and self-forgiveness, positive self-esteem and body image, induces emotional clearing.
Rose Quartz is a great stone... for "getting your own s*** together" Lol.
Which then presumably would mean - that one was balanced enough to participate in a loving relationship with someone else.
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I've read that when it comes to love in general, like from your romantic, familial, friendly etc relationships, the best one would of course be the rose quartz. But if you are aiming for true love and specifically from one person, you would want to work with high-grade rhodocrosite.
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In the words of that Cher song," If I could turn back time", I would have never done what I did. Years ago, in my early 20's I thought I was in love with this person. I went to a card reader who also did candle magic. I told them I wanted this person back. She gave me candles and told me what to do. This person did return to me and 3 years later I had his child. He is a bum father by his own admission. I don't even care for him anymore. Ugh! Feelings ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean. How you feel today may not apply in a month or a year. Your energy is best suited in bringing yourself love from a great person. Let this person go. I hope anyone who reads this post will learn from my mistakes. I wish the card reader had given me a word of caution before I went ahead with the candle spell. Hind sight is 20/20. I love my daughter more than the stars in the universe, but wisg she had a better dad. Please work on bringing yourself self love to find your true love.
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Thank you for sharing your experience, but as explained earlier, I had started this thread to figure out another AT member's seemingly black magic use of crystals -- wondering if it could have happened more or less unintentionally. Re-reading those posts of hers since, however, made me think that I'd misinterpreted how the crystals were used: apparently only "programmed" by her to induce positive changes/moods, in general, not to make the guy seek her out against his will (as suspected)... Even so, it seems that quite a thin line was involved there, with some crossover, perhaps.

Anyway, this thread keeps going off in the wrong direction, so I'll just shut 'er down now. Cheers, all.
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Thread closed by request.

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