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Carnival at the End of the World Tarot

This deck in progress is just breathtaking!!! The artist has an instagram account (@kahnselesnick) where they post finished cards... The deck reminds me a bit of the Fantastic Menagerie tarot, at least in spirit..
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I visited the artist's IG and I love how strange it is! I can't wait to see more finished cards.
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The hermit can see you from 3000 miles away.
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Wonderful and strange.
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Reminds me of PicTarot
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Right around the announcement of the shutdown, this deck became available for preorder. Yeesh with that price though. I slept on it, and decided to wait for it to be released first.

Then I saw the shutdown announcement again and ordered it in a cloud of panic and sadness and desire. (!!) It's like double the price of my most expensive deck...but it's also my first artist's edition!

If it wasn't for AT, I would never have seen this deck or myriad others that were independently published. It would have taken me decades to find what became my most treasured deck, if I ever found it! I'll really miss it here.
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This is a really a stunning deck. So unusual. I've never seen anything like it.
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