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Thumbs up your favorite lenormand deck

Which deck is your favorite? and why?what do you like about it? does it have pips? numbers on it?

i only have 3 deck of lenormand , i would say fortune lenormand deck, it is a little bigger then tarot size, but it is very easy to see and read, it do not have pip and numbers on it.


i will not do comment on each reply, but i will read it all.
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Mine would be the Weiss Eule. It has everything on it, it's small, it looks traditional but with a beautiful spring time pastel palette. It's also ridiculously cheap! I didn't expect to fall so hard for this one. It also has lovely silver accents on the back
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My good old Blaue Eule still has a special place in my heart... it's less beautiful or intriguing than other decks I have but since I've learned with it, it reads easiest for me. It's so very familiar.

For me, it's important to have card faces but no verses. That's why I let the otherwise amazingly beautiful Blue Bird go.
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Paris Primitive aka Didot Lenormand from Game of Hope Website, that deck in salmon pink theme!
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Of the reproductions, the Dondorf and Piatnik are probably my favorites - but I love all of the older decks. The Maybe Lenormand is my hands-down favorite among the modern decks.
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I only have two decks in the traditional style: the Piatnik and Laura Tuan's Lenormand Oracle. Of the two, I like the Piatnik better because it's smaller. When reading for others, I almost always use the Gilded Reverie because my clients love it. So it's my favorite from that standpoint, followed by the Burning Serpent. I still haven't found a traditional deck that really thrills me, but I have my eye on a few.
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This is a really tough choice as I have a number of decks that I treasure.

I have to go with C'est La Vie by Jeri Totten. It has both numbers and pips but they are unobtrusive. The cards also have labels identifying the symbols. The card stock is outstanding. I am a riffle shuffler and this deck serves me well.
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I have to pick two as well. :-)

My favorite is Ryan Edward's Maybe Lenormand - gorgeous! I have a soft spot for Rana's son's Ryder Lenormand, which is charming. The Ryder has a mini that I stash in my purse.

Both have playing cards and numbers, no verses. I nearly always look at playing card suits, and will take note of multiples, especially the court cards. I like to have the PCs on the card so I can see these things at a glance.

I did some practice secondary reads of the 3x3 with playing cards in Andy's course - he teaches that as a separate read to the one using the emblems. But I didn't feel drawn to continue exploring that.

I have no interest in verses on my cards.

These two are favorites because the presence of PCs means I want to use them regularly, and because they are uncluttered - emblems only, no landscapes or curlicues or what have you, and because I really like the art - one set professional, one naif.
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My favorite right now is the pixies astounding lenormand deck. It doesn't have the traditional card insets, but so far has been super easy to read and accurate.
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My favorite deck is the STS Lenormand Oracle:
No card inserts (I don't read with them) and nice full size images.

My favorite traditional deck (with playing card insets) has always been the Piatnik deck as it is mass-market, so safe for regular/heavy use as it could be easily replaced:
This is becoming harder to find, however, so I might need to pick another favorite for regular use.
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