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The classy, somber Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot is perfect for rainy days. If one wants to counter the gloom even a little, I think metallic decks like the Golden Universal or Visconti Tarots would help, although the Klimt drowns in a morose langor that might defeat that purpose.

The Barbara Walker Tarot would be great for chilly, rainy nights. If it's stormy outside and the evening opens itself to all kinds of fanciful imaginings, a dark deck like the Gothic Tarot by Vargo or the Tarot of Vampyres would definitely heighten the mood.
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Originally Posted by RavenOfSummer View Post
Haha! Tea is perfect for a rainy day!
The Jane austen deck would be perfect,its the highest up on my wishlist but I've not managed to get a copy yet,it has teacups as one of the four suits!
I think Tarot of leaves and bleu cat tarot are quite rainy day.
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The personal space tarot is my rainy day deck! It definitely has a sort of cozy feel to me.
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Originally Posted by RavenOfSummer View Post
It's a very rainy day here in Washington DC. I'm wondering if anyone has decks they like to work with on rainy days?
The Granny Jones Australian. It's full of fluffy, warm shawls and hot cups of tea.

The Hudes - the fallen leaves in some of the backgrounds remind me of cool days and compost, which needs ran to ripen.
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Originally Posted by Autumnaleqinox View Post
The personal space tarot is my rainy day deck! It definitely has a sort of cozy feel to me.
I'm a big fan of this deck too. The artwork didn't appeal immediately but it's one of those decks that pats you reassuringly when you feel like you're in need of a cup of hot cocoa. Definitely a keeper for me.
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Fountain Tarot totally. Lots of fog.
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The Hudes and the Anna K would work well for me. The Hudes isn't sunny at all, and the Anna K makes me think of sitting in a cozy chair, reading and drinking a cup of tea.
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For a rainy day, pattering on the roof, the steady drip of the downpipe, I think I would like the Mucha.
For a long drizzling afternoon, soft patter of raindrops on the tin roof of the poolhouse, a good long think over a sizeable spread of Thoth.
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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I love rainy days because where I live, we don't get enough of them! Anna K. is a great choice because there's such an emphasis on weather in the cards. The rainy cards are rainy, the sunny cards are sunny, and the snow cards look really cold.

The Haindl has an autum-muddy feel to some of the cards... sombre colours and melancholic... and similar, but closer to nature, is the palette of the Secret Forest. Some of the cards look as if it had rained a short time ago.

Roots of Asia has mysterious shimmering cards like rain drops that catch some unearthly light.

If you want to combat the rain, I feel the Etruscan, Idiosyncradeck and Golden all do so but in different ways: the Etruscan tells you there will be hot and sunny days when you'll miss the rain - the Idiosyncra tells you that never mind, there's so much fun in life and hot cocoa and blue skies above the clouds, and the Golden tells you might wish to think about time and weather in larger circles! :-)

I have a feeling that a Lisa Hunt tarot would be a wonderful choice... Ghosts and Spirits looks wonderfully rainy but I don't have it so I can't say...
I've never seen the Roots of Asia deck before. Wow! It's stunning and deep in its imagery. You may have just enabled me. Lol
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I haven't used this deck yet but I think Kitty Kahane would be a nice deck for a rainy day
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