Do i have another guy to meet this month horary.

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Do i have another guy to meet this month horary.

Ive cast this chart, as ive done a couple of general readings over the past few weeks of what's to come with Tarot, and especially the one i did yesterday for this month...i'm sure they're all indicating i've got a new guy to meet. I am actually quite happy on my own at present, but would be nice if this was the case also....just no married men this time please universe!!!

PLUS in the tarot readings i did, 3 of them on seperate occasions had the page pents card popping up. Where i did think someone who study's or is involved in this in someway or another. But i just dismissed it as like ive said ive met them all and none are my type.

Here's the chart.....

Im Venus, in the 6th house ruled by mars.

I've used 7th for this potential "other guy" i may have to meet, he is mars directly on the 9th cusp, and also directly on the fixed star Aldebaran which can be about New beginnings and fresh starts, new cycles etc.

As mars is sitting on the cusp of the 9th (im sure its more significant if a planets on the its getting your attention and pointing out that house)...i maybe wrong though. But anyway, as 9th can be about higher education ....well at present i am actually doing a higher education course, which i will still be doing for the next couple of weeks. I have already met all males who work there though, and also the ones im on the course with....and none of them i would ever see as someone to be starting something romantic all.

He's ruled by mercury, and mercury is in the 7th and will soon be conjuncting uranus in actually less than 1 degree. Uranus being about things happening unexpectedly.

Mars will first square neptune in the 5th house, and will then trine jupiter and jupiter is right on the cusp on the asc. Jupiter is the ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses, so especially as im also positioned in the 6th, i wonder if this could be me doing my daily duties/day to day tasks, being out and about that we 3rd can be about routine journeys too.

Obviously i need to be out and about anyway, as i don't expect him to come knocking on my door. lol.

Mars's antiscion is also interestingly conjunct the MC, this is also significant just not sure in what way yet.

Mar's ruler mercury antiscion is at 5 degrees 42" virgo where the moon will then conjunct this in just less than 2 degrees.

All angles are on cardinal, which id also assume would mean new beginnings.

Looking at the moon, first the moon conjuncts mars antiscion,

I'm gonna keep looking through this will be adding more as i go along.

Any thoughts on this are welcome.
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As Mars's antiscion is conjuncting the MC, at 20 degrees 53" cancer, so in 30" will be the exact conjunction. And with the MC being about Career, then this could be to do with his job i meet him.

Also MC can be about things coming to light, as its the highest point in the chart.

Ive also realized that, mars's ruler mercury rules his 3rd and 6th house...which is the same houses as what jupiter rules and with jupiter being conjunct asc.
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UPDATE on this chart thats come to pass.

It was to do with the course i'm presently on like i originally thought.

I'll say what's happened, then show how this shows in the chart....

Last Friday i was at this course i'm presently doing, and me and another guy and the tutor were having a debate/discussion about spirituality and conspiracy theories turned out me and this certain guy had a lot in common of the same beliefs etc in these areas.

This guys been on the course too for a couple of weeks (i think) but we've never really spoke.

Then yesterday i was supposed to have been going in but didn't. Today ive gone but was a little late as id called into a antique place and got distracted. When i arrived my tutor straight away said "here ***** here's a chair for you, come and sit here which just happened to be next to this certain guy i was talking to on friday. I scrunched my nose, and said "no its ok, ill sit on the other one next to the window" lol.

So then for a couple of mins (there was a vacant seat now between us) i told this guy that id just been to an antique place around the corner, and that i was going to buy something but then ended up leaving it, and he's like "oh i like places like that" and then he asked me how my exam went on friday etc etc....then he said that yesterday (when i didn't go in) the tutor had saved a place for me to sit next to him (this guy), as he said he'd mentioned to the tutor that i was "alright" (and he obviously must have said more for the tutor to do this)......but LOL i didn't turn up. He said the tutor was trying to do some matchmaking....and as soon as i realized that this guy liked me in that sense, i just went all silent and distant with him.

He was asking me to go back to the antique place with him at lunch break, but i said No ive got a lot of work to do (i was just making excuses).

He then left for his break and i purposely stayed behind waiting for him to return so i could then go for my break before another exam, as i didn't want to give him any opportunity to say anything to me if we were alone.....finally i just though i need to leave as he was taking too long, so i left... and who was walking in the main door as im opening it...yes him.

He passed me a bag....i took it but quickly had to go as i didn't have long. In the bag was the thing i told him i was going to buy at the antique place but didn't end up getting and also a letter in an envelope.

Hed wroten me a letter saying he likes me and would like to meet up etc sometime...and added his number on. <cringe>

Anyway cutting this scenario short now....i don't like him at all in the same way, yes there was a couple of similarities in interests, but in my eyes that is it, nothing more and there never will be. So now i'm feeling a little awkward around him, luckily today i never had to see him again as had an exam in the other room when i returned.

So the chart.....

Him (mars) is on the 9th cusp (higher education) conjunct fixed star of new beginnings/cycles, he was new to the class, think when i cast this chart he may have only just joined or was soon to join.

His ruler mercury is in 7th conjunct uranus, indicating a surprising face to face encounter which would be the letter he passed me with the gift. And its funny that id purposely waited around for him to return so i could leave, but thought id take a chance and get out of the building unseen...and he was right there opening the door as i got to the door. very uranus indeed.

Jupiter on the asc is the tutor, jupiter collects mars (his) light first and then mine....which tallys with what i've said, then jupiter has tried to bring us together from this.

When jupiter collects the light from venus though, they will be in opposition with each other which i see as me pulling away.

The letter or communication (mercury) in aries is in the detriment of venus, which shows that i didn't like it lol.

Also himself (mars) is the initiator between him and venus, but he is peregrine in his sign. So he was obviously a little unsure of things and of how to go about it etc.

Just dont understand why im in his ruling sign, as i don't like him.

Its took 19 days from doing the chart to manifest itself....

So mars was collected by jupiter first and then i had to catch up, and venus was at 15 degrees aries around 20th and 21st, which was ive either worked it out wrong or the timing is more or less there but a little off.

Ha ha i love it when charts manifest, especially when your prediction came true.....but on the negative side, is just that hes not the guy for me
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