My. Crystal wand broke in 3 pieces

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History on the cherry blossom tree wands and the wood I found to Make them

we know from the old school that the tree was imported from Japan the head master use to tell us as a child it was a gift to the school, they had papers on it somewhere. So, I went by the tree the other day ( I am in agony as I have damaged my foot rather badly from an accident!) yet I found two branches side by side on the ground beneath gave thanks and left with these wands. both of which amazingly are the length of my wrist to elbow. I had hoped for longer wand yet I will not complain.

I have some wood from around the wooded area I have where they fell, dog walkers kindly told me about the trees and what the wood is. People were inquisitive and I thought they would think I am wacky, but said about a man who makes walking sticks and carved them for years is worth talking to sometime. seen him on very rare occasions with a rather nice walking stick with heads etc carved at the top. ( some skill isnt' it?) apparently lives by the river so I have to hunt this guy out or wait to come by him. I dont know if he is druid but heard on the by he is spiritual so worth a talk to if he is approachable.

The Wand I purchased

I have also bought another wand with the discount off and really happy with it.They gave me all details background on it and it is all a little bit harry potter large piece of burnt paper and text saying how to connect really genuinely lovely touch. Feel rather thankful of them making me a new one.

My Own Crafting Box Celtic Inspired

as well as crafted my own, struggling with the upload process as not a member and I always fail on this part! uploading isnt my best skill! I very much want to share with you my painted box which is holding ROBINWOOD inside right not to go on too much I best get to the uploading part somehow. see you soon in forum! love and hugs blessings

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The Wand I purchased a seawitch one my second wand.
struggling to upload other
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