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Originally Posted by druidess View Post
Hi cosmicbeing! Is you venus in 0 degrees also? How do you feel it affect you?
My venus is at 0 degrees...but it is in pisces. I use sidereal...but in tropical it is like 25 degrees pisces. But, I use sidereal.

(sorry for late response)

I think it's important to know what house it rules...I know for the house my venus rules... I feel like I'm navigating it as a newbie. But, honestly I don't feel I notice venus in my life. Only thing I really notice Venusian about me is I love art lol.

Venus is also a natural significator for lovers, wealth, luxury, beauty, vehicles, Art etc. That is from vedic view point.

I heard anything in the last degrees of a sign/house of beginning degrees of a house or sign can shows critical point. That it indicates major focal points in your life where you learn the most lessons.
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