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Originally Posted by GotH View Post
Just a bit of impudence. The event they were engaging in was war/battle type games but still.
oh yeah---hubby was into that when we first met w/his working buddies. My nephew was also and loved visiting us in the summer because we allowed him to battle the outside of both our barn and chicken coops on the sides that didn't face the street--as we had planned to paint it in the fall, anyway and besides, they are fairly washable too. But some of it I was kind of sad to clean up--as I remember him visiting us and what fun he had here. You should've seen those two bldgs! lol! he had FUN.

Oh my gosh! My mother is still to this day, the same way. I can't hide anything from her. She always "knows" when I'm troubled (or in trouble) or down about something. I'll get a text or a call that simply says, "What's wrong?"

Psychic Moms.. Now THAT would be an interesting chat topic.
yeah, I'd have to get my daughter in on that and you'd have to ask your sons about it too. My granddaugthers are still a bit young to have anything to add--but in a few more years...
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