What's the Postman Bringing? Part 14

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The Mystical Tarot and the Morgan-Greer Tarot in a tin.
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The Mystical Tarot arrived - weirdly much earlier than other decks which should have been here a long time ago....
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Very excited to be getting the Meneghello Soprafino, and the Madenie Marseille.
Toes are officially dipped into the Marseille world and I'm finding it fascinating - different headspace for sure. And those historical decks! Yves and Wilfried at Tarot de Marseilles Heritage are doing incredible work.
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Barbara Walker in a tin and Japaradize take 2, and the Marshmallow Marsielle. Much less intimidating than my Trifoni della Luna.
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I'm waiting for two playing card decks - The Game of Thrones First edition and the Game of Thrones Second Edition.
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I'm counting the minutes until my Nature's Whispers Oracle arrives, but it has taken ages. Never order through Book Depository US. It took them 3 days to even acknowledge my order, it's been in the mail for almost 2 weeks, and they didn't provide tracking information.
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Marshmallow Tarot
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Another Mueller Swiss Blue Box A Thoth. What was I thinking? I don't need two.
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Alice in Wonderland in a tin. I have been drooling over this deck for years, even wrote USGames an e-post about it, and soon it is in my hands.
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Not a delivery per se, but I did stumble across the Tarot of Dreams (w/Palace Cards) in a local shop. Really like it a lot, and the few readings I've done with it show great promise.
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