What's the Postman Bringing? Part 14

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Playing Marseilles by Ryan Edward. Pretty damn excited.
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Still waiting for my copy of the Ostara tarot; but also Doreen Virtue's Angels of Abundance deck and a Tarot book.
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Finally bought a copy of the Motherpeace Tarot. Now the waiting..
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This will be my last post though certainly not the last time the postman will be at my doorstep. I thought it fitting not only because I discovered so many wonderful decks in this thread but also because the postman is finally bringing me the first deck I ever had a reading with:

The Art Nouveau Tarot by Matt Myers

Happy deliveries!
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Fare thee well all

Weavers Oracle
Dark Goddess

May all your current and future decks bless you with understanding, guidance and hope.
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Originally Posted by victoria.star View Post
Weavers Oracle
Dark Goddess

May all your current and future decks bless you with understanding, guidance and hope.
Weavers Oracle--Thank You, thank You, thank you, my dear sister!!!! xoxoxoxox

i will miss posting here so very much and also all the fun we had in the
trading forum over the last many years. i thank everyone who traded with me, purchased decks, and the decks i have purchased over the years. Almost every experience was a positive and happy one! i am grateful for the memories which i will always cherish within my heart.
i am sure we will meet on other boards... Namaste and Always Blessed Be!
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