What's the Postman Bringing? Part 14

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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
Also waiting for a 1st edition Sheridan Douglas.
<quietly> ... when did you say I was coming for a visit? <searches for passport>
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The Book of Kaos Tarot - CUSTOM SIZE & FINISH!

My custom order of The Book of Kaos Tarot is close to being mailed. This has been a few months in the making, so it'll be cool to finally receive it! 🙏🏻 😎
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Mystical Cats is incoming! A bit embarrassed I haven't bought it before now.
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I'm eagerly awaiting The Distant Past in pocket size.
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Tarot of the Holy Light deck and book. Needed a challenge.
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Originally Posted by BlueLotus View Post
I was expecting two oracles to be delivered yesterday, The Botanical Inspirations and The Illuminated tarot and although I was physically available at my home address, the new postman claims that he attemptied delivery but the customer was not available!!

So delivery was re-scheduled for tomorrow.
Received both decks plus The Power of Surrender cards by Judith Orloff.
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I just ordered the Prisma Visions Tarot Deck- 3rd Edition

I have been drooling over this deck for awhile. I finally went ahead and put in my order for the Prisma Visions Third Edition Tarot Deck today. I hope that it arrives soon!

Brightest Blessings!
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Tarot dance 
I was doing so well.....

...I’ve been good for so long (well, that’s my only rational…)…

.........So I broke-down & ordered…

...............Companion Book for the Holly Simple Tarot

...............Cathar Tarot
...............Wonderland Tarot in Tin

....Plus, as a Amazon Prime Member I got to add-on

................Game of Thrones Playing Cards (…for only $5…how could I resist..)

........Can’t wait till everything gets here…….
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Miss Divine 

The Aquarian tarot. I've been using my vintage copy alot, but don't wanna have something happen to it if I take it out and about. So the new copy will be my travel deck.

Also waiting for the new Oracle of the Unicorns. Don't know the author's name anymore. All I know is, is that it's a Blue Angel deck.
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page of ghosts 

The Centennial RWS in full size, not the tin and not the set. I already have The Original RWS but the lines can be very thick at times so some cards are just hard to make out. A shame since I love it so much! The Centennial has the subdued colours that I like, similar to the Original, and looks very beautiful so I look forward to getting it and comparing the two in person
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